Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and START AGAIN.

“Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and START AGAIN.”

No matter how bad a day is, we always have a new opportunity to start fresh!

Unfortunately, as we well know, this doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING gets a reset, or that we don’t have to deal with the consequences of previous actions, whether ours or another person’s!

So exactly WHAT do we have a fresh, new chance with?

Our mood, our attitude, our mindset, our emotions – these are all the “secret sauce” to our ability to handle our problems!

When we’re involved with “stinking thinking”, negative mindsets, foul moods, we inhibit our ability to handle ANYTHING well!

Our problems won’t magically go away, but a fresh outlook, a positive mind, and calm emotions are crucial to being able to see new solutions and to have the inner strength to tackle what needs to be done!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Think about breaking down large tasks into smaller, more manageable things.

This sounds like basic advice, but you’d be surprised how many times we need to remind ourselves to do this, or we just keep procrastinating until it snowballs, and keeps getting bigger and feels more overwhelming!

Try tackling an undesirable project a little every hour or each day is helpful when dealing with something which is so overwhelming that it brings on anxiety attacks!

Don’t forget to congratulate and reward yourself!

I have found that giving myself a pat on the back and rewarding myself for a particularly difficult task is really productive!

I find that I feel MORE of a sense of accomplishment when I take time for this step, and feel more overwhelmed when I don’t!

What are good rewards?

We don’t need to reward ourselves with food, but if we’re near a mealtime, taking time out to prepare something delicious and nutritious is a wonderful way of handling stress so it doesn’t turn into stress eating!

I find that rewarding myself with a little mind break helps me to refresh myself and to refocus!

Set a time of a few minutes to 1/2 an hour for a break, depending on how strongly you were triggered by handling something stressful!

Read a little, watch an episode of TV, go for a little walk, do a different task if you can’t take a break from work – are all possible ways of taking a mind break to allow you to return refreshed and ready to work again!

Remember: we all have tough days where nothing seems to go right! Go to sleep at night knowing that tomorrow is a new opportunity!

Have a beautiful day!

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