Some of the best days in your life haven’t happened yet!

Some of the best days in your life haven’t happened yet. Just relax and keep going.

Years ago I had reached a point in my life where I felt I didn’t deserve to breathe the air or to walk on the earth anymore.

I was crushed and broken. I had internalized some very negative messages told to me and reinforced by how I was being treated. I felt the world would be better without me, so I had created my exit plan.

I was going to put it into action when the universe intervened and put another set of events into action instead.

Today I’m thrilled and very grateful that the universe intervened. I’ve had a lot of difficult days since then, but I’ve also had some of the best and most extraordinary days too!

Depression hits a lot of people, and when we’ve gone through abuse or extreme situations, we internalize the negative messages so deeply, we feel them as our truth. Those lies drag us downward and drown us.

We need to realize that those negative messages aren’t true! Those negative messages no longer need to be the truth we view ourselves with! We can release those old messages!

Yet how do we do that, for we have nothing else to hold onto, nothing to fill the void… or do we?

I learned to rely on positive quotes to teach myself to like myself and to see my life in a more positive way! I worked on healing the damage dome from those abusive years, which helped to slowly remove the inner barriers I had lived with.

The above quote tells us to relax and to keep going.

Keep going because something wonderful can happen at any time! Our lives can change very quickly. Nothing is set in stone and even the coldest winter turns to Spring, reminding us that there is an end to every trial.

When we breathe and mindfully relax, we’re open to seeing solutions we may have been blind to previously! Seeing a solution is like opening a door into a whole new reality we couldn’t have imagined before!

Keep going! You are loved and cherished by the universe! You can do this! You can get through!


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4 thoughts on “Some of the best days in your life haven’t happened yet!

  1. Thanks for the great words, its a very apt quote and something I apply to gratitude looking at where I was years ago where I was in a position I thought I would never actually have the things I do today.

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    1. Me too!! Years ago I never would have dreamed that I’d do the things I have done! I too am immensely grateful for the years in my life and the life in my years!!

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