Choosing Our Thoughts: From Adventures of the Soul!

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the wonderful book by James Van Praagh: “Adventures of the Soul”!

Please see Dr. Amit Goswami‘s groundbreaking documentary “The Quantum Activist” available for viewing on YouTube and his website. He brings Quantum Physics into our everyday lives in a simplified way!

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I feel inspired to share what I’m reading and processing internally re ‘Choosing Our Thoughts’!

James writes:

“The Power of Thought

All energy can change it’s character based on our thoughts. Thoughts affect and alter energy. Everything we see first originated as thought – the great painter of the world.”

…”Each work of art, each invention, every medical breakthrough… Was first created in the Spiritual Realms and eventually trickled down to a recipient as an “inspiration” or “droplets of God”.

…”They often describe the thought as brilliantly colored if it’s a loving one, but if it’s a fear based thought, it is seen as dull and dark. This is why whenever I teach a class, the first thing I advise the students to do is take responsibility for the thoughts that they create, because thoughts are real and can have a profound impact on every aspect of their lives.

It’s difficult for us humans to lend credence to the idea that a ‘thought’ is a real thing, because we are unable to see it.”

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This is very profound! I came across an article earlier about how complaining rewires the brain, and since I wasn’t able to find it again to give you the link, I Googled “how complaining rewires your brain for negativity” and was very surprised to see the long list of links to various articles! You should check it out for yourself!

As a person who formerly was a worrier, a complainer and suffered from depression, it has been my personal life mission to train myself to learn and practice being kind to myself, to focus on the positive, to speak positively to myself and to others, to try to see the positive in all situations – even though this can be very challenging to do so!

As I’ve been reporting in different posts, I’ve become more and more consistent with this.

You know writing a book about turning things around in life has given me, or I should say, I’ve felt an internal pressure to ALWAYS walk the walk. This may be a very high benchmark, but don’t we expect all of our personal development ‘gurus’ to have a superhuman ability to do so?

Whether this is actually something my readers will expect of me or if it’s something I’ve created in my own brain, I’ve been researching it, and working to become more and more consistent with keeping my inner thoughts positive!

Like many people, I watched the movie “The Secret”, and like many people have struggled to ‘manifest’ riches and the many things I’ve desired. Instead, it seemed I kept manifesting difficulties!

Were you discouraged like I was?

Call me the eternal optimist (seemingly at odds for someone suffering from depression?), I kept a teeny tiny glimmer of hope alive in a corner of my heart, I hoped that the universe would take pity on me and someday grant me good things, in spite of feeling very undeserving of them and like a lifelong loser.

I started subscribing to the daily positive emails “Notes from the Universe” from Each day I started receiving wonderfully positive messages! Towards the bottom of the email is a message: “thoughts are things, choose the good ones!”

The slow cumulative effect of receiving these messages was finding the courage to look inwards at my self talk: how I put myself down terribly when something didn’t work out, how I had an inner sneer when someone said something nice to me ‘yeah right, sure!’, that I’d feel deep down I didn’t believe I deserved the good things I wished for!

I started to slowly work on changing how I see myself! I started believing the positive messages I was telling myself! This is the deep, deep inner work of healing! For me it was a very slow process, one atom at a time!

As I started to listen to my thoughts as I reacted to different situations and simply took note at what my inner cringing was saying, and then gently addressed my inner self!

So with time and gentleness, I started to change my thoughts, both the surface thoughts and those deeper down more hidden reactive thoughts!!

I started truly believing differently about myself, which is the hardest ship to get to change its course!

Years ago when I saw super positive people, I became overwhelmed with what I perceived and believed about my own self.

I secretly believed I could never be like them! Just being around them or watching them on TV or videos was enough of a mirror to send me spiraling down into the negative self talk abyss. It seemed too large of a job to be able to change my thoughts!

Yet, by starting small, one tiny step at a time will gradually give CUMULATIVE results!

“The longest journey starts with a single step.”

“Two steps forward, one step back. Two steps forward, one step back.”

It’s important to just start with where WE ARE!

Start with learning to be kind with yourself!

“No one’s perfect!”

“Tomorrow is a new day! I may have messed up today, but I’ll have a whole fresh start tomorrow!”

Start with being kind and gentle with yourself! Don’t be harder on yourself than you would anyone else! What advice would you give someone else in your situation? Listen to it!

Choosing our thoughts is super important for changing our lives!

Didn’t choose a good one today? Or chose a string of negative ones?

Not to worry!

It’s always a good a good moment to choose a positive thought, even if all we’re capable of is “I’m going to get better at this!”

Remember what Maya Angelou said?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better!” 

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Choosing Our Thoughts: From Adventures of the Soul!


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