Fulfilling the Human Condition from “Adventures of the Soul”

Another post as part of my continuing series of posts where I share my “Aha” moments in reading the book by James Van Praagh: “Adventures of the Soul”!
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Please see Dr. Amit Goswami‘s groundbreaking documentary “The Quantum Activist” available for viewing on YouTube and his website. He brings Quantum Physics into our everyday lives in a simplified way! James kindly refers us to Dr. Amit Goswami’s amazing documentary, where the doctor explains this to us! Amazing stuff! I found the link on YouTube: https://youtu.be/pRlSILWkZMk

A little further into the book and James Praagh is speaking about Energy, more specifically Quantum Energy. What’s that? That was my question too!

This whole area opens up vast new levels of understanding and speaks directly to my life’s mission while providing clear guidelines for my future growth!

Dr. Goswami opens up his talk by mentioning Quantum Activism. ** Starting here, I paraphrase and condense some of what he says and other places I quote directly.**

What is Quantum Activism?

He says that all of us are Quantum Activists even if we don’t know it! If we’re present at his talk, it shows a person who is searching for life’s answers. Since you and I can’t be present at a talk which took place a few years ago, I’d say that those of us who click over to watch his YouTube video are also included as searchers!

Apparently we all question life, our place within it and how we should live our lives from a young age even as children!

How can we live, he says, in a way will bring us a beautiful feeling called satisfaction?

Are you ready to be satisfied in your life? This is a prime requirement he says. Being ready for it is what Quantum Activism is all about, and until we feel this satisfaction, we don’t feel FULFILLED within our lives!

This is part of the human condition.

There’s new paradigm coming, he says, which he hopes we will absorb and assimilate into our spirits.

The current scientific paradigm deals with matter… What can we touch, see, prove, disprove etc. based on material evidence. This paradigm doesn’t however take into account the human condition, the internal needs we feel, the things which lead us to a state of satisfaction in our lives!

Does this new paradigm conflict with the current one? No! Both paradigms speak about truths! So there is no conflict, no need to decide between the two!

Rather, he says, the current paradigm is like a blind man trying to describe an elephant without being able to see it. His observations will be based on the physical senses of what he can use to describe. Imagine if you were to close your eyes and try to figure out what is an elephant by touching, smelling, listening etc., how limited you’d feel if you couldn’t see it?

So then the big question is, how can we Include the human condition into our science? There have been long standing debates about this, some believing it’s possible and others refuting it because it doesn’t fit into the current paradigm.

They say that matter is everything and has nothing to do with the human condition, that this is really in the realm of philosophers. That scientific work has nothing to do with how we feel, our thought processes, what we intuit. These are just meaningless stuff that happens to objects… That we’re just objects. There is no meaning to it, so to derive satisfaction we get it through physical satisfaction, much like the Ancient Greek Epicurean philosophy: “Eat, Drink and Be Merry!”

This satisfies the lower Chacras. The physically oriented ones, leaving the higher Chacras unsatisfied.

Conversely, when we explore any of the higher Chacras: the heart Chacra (love), the throat Chacra (expressing ourself) and Brow Chacra (when you are able to have clarity)… There is satisfaction in the Crown Chakra.

When there is wholeness the Crown Chacra becomes alive with vital energy. It is this wholeness which brings us satisfaction, but this wholeness is a corollary of all the Chacras.

So why are you here? You are not happy with the Ego satisfaction and you are searching for something else. But what? He says this new science will help us figure that out!

He says some of what he will be talking about are things we’re already exploring and investigating… That it’s so much easier to learn something that we’re already exploring, and it will make his job much easier!

*** I realize that I’m getting deeply into this video teaching and not talking more about the book at this point! I love exploring tangents, especially when a learned person or great teacher points it out to me! I’m not happy just nodding and smiling when they refer to something pertinent in a point they’re making, and I don’t have a clue what they’re referring to! So follow me if you will, so we can both better understand what James is talking about! Personally speaking, I think I’m about to learn a whole new level of thought and awareness! I’ve been searching for the next step, and I think it’s found me!

I remember I used to drive some former church leaders crazy with how SLOWLY I’d read a book! I’d read sometimes only a few paragraphs in a day because I needed to process and think about what I’d read! I was accused of being lazy, of not applying myself! The person saying that to me prided herself on devouring a book in a day, perhaps two. Yes, the words are read, but how can a person’s  brain assimilate everything? How does it enter into the heart?

So, if you’re hoping for a quickie book review, this won’t be the place! This book and these thoughts are deep and I need to take the time to assimilate the concepts deeply and to make the inner connections to what I already know!***

Dr. Goswami urges us to put aside our own dogmas when listening to him talk about this new scientific paradigm. He says it’s important to understand that the people who wrote the religious books were very intelligent and understood that in order to convey spiritual TRUTHS they needed to speak in metaphors since the spoken and written languages could be limiting, because the words and our understanding of them is based on old paradigms and the vocabulary to explain these concepts hadn’t yet been developed. Hence it’s important not to take these teachings literally but to look at the ideas which are being imparted. He finds that there is much good in every religion, that it isn’t a question of choosing the best one or the “right” one.

I strongly urge you to look at the video yourself since he gets into detailed explanations of Quantum Physics vs. Material Science.

One big thought he talks about is a system based on consciousness. This is radical for us now, yet when we look at the religious teachings from long ago, this is the very concept they were teaching us! Yet science and churches have found ways to explain away this paradigm! They instituted a system of duality to explain away these truths, for honestly, if we had understood them then, we wouldn’t have needed the churches to act as intercessors for us!

So very profound! Powerful!

Material science dictates that all objects follow set and determined rules of existence whereas Quantum Physics says all objects are possibilities (this includes the human body!) That Quantum Physics used to be airy-fairy is mainstream science’s view, but now that hundreds upon hundreds of experiments proving the theories within a hundredth of a millionth of possible error, this exceptionally small margin is making skeptics rethink their positions.

The implications for this are vast!

So this new paradigm must also be based on science! Why? So that it is provable and each person can replicate it, otherwise it’s too nebulous and arbitrary!

This also eliminates a system based on hierarchy, for as we know, relying on one person to be in charge and feed us answers hasn’t worked out too well historically! There is NO one person who can lead EVERYONE into truths, which are good for EVERYONE! This new system is accessible to all, equally!

It is good to have an objective verification of any philosophy we choose to believe!

So the basic thought is “I have choices in how I choose to live. How do I choose to live?”

Quantum Physics says everything is possibility! Consciousness is part of those possibilities and our reality springs from that! Not separate from it, but part of it!

Again: “Consciousness is the ground of being and matter consists of possibilities of consciousness to choose from. When consciousness chooses, possibility collapses and we get actuality!”

In this new science based on consciousness, we then need to have signal-less communication. It’s not based on material cause and effect. This signal-less communication has now been proven by many sciences: physics, neuro-physiology, biology, psychology, in all areas. There is now abundant evidence of signal-less communication. So now there IS a basis for new thinking! Now we can include feelings, even intuition, which was much denigrated by science.

Dr. Amit explains that in the 50’s scientists who used to believe in Duality made a shift to a singular way of thinking which is matter or materialism, which excludes feelings. So since the feelings of love, justice, truth, goodness, honesty, etc were not seen as being PART of their science, but outside of it, were greatly undermined. When it can’t be included in their science, they tend to ignore it.

We have seen a decline since then of honesty, integrity and truth in many facets of our society. The media no longer seeks to find the truth and tell it. We’re seeing a decline in morals and a decline in civility in our civilization. Material Scientists say that when there’s a decline, eventually things decline so much that there’s chaos which ensues.

Quantum Activism says otherwise. We’re not just a sum of our experiences and doomed to act out in certain predetermined ways! We have feelings, intuition and creativity. This creativity will help us find ways out of our current situations. It is telling us how to solve problems, the problems of living.

Quantum Activism depends upon a couple principles, the first is that we have the freedom to choose, because there’s no set paths.

Behaviorism says we just act according to the conditioning we received, which seems to negate the idea of free will!  So, yes, we have myriads of possibilities to choose from, and yes, we will routinely follow the conditioning we have received.

However, we will also routinely rise above that and have creative thoughts, which are NOT determined by our past conditioning.

“We have evidence of creative feelings, which we have not experienced before and are not part of our past conditioning. Intuition by definition is creative. It does not follow any rule of previous memory or conditioning.

So if we allow these facilities into a science, we can study ourselves better and we can know our way out of this crisis we find ourselves in! Why do we have the crisis? Because we have undermined the very things we used to solve our problems! So if we wish to get out of these problems we need to use creativity! This new Quantum Science helps us solve out problems with living!

So the two aspects we have uncovered so far are that firstly we have signaless communication, and creativity equals a concept called discontinuity. Creativity is also a quantum leap, in that an electron, or a thought doesn’t always follow a predetermined path, but jumps to a new path. A discontinuous jump.

This is a very new Quantum idea. This shows creativity which comes with an “Aha!”, and which comes with a discontinuity of a previous thought. So those are the two we need to live up to!

A third aspect will be brought up a little later!

1:20 minutes into video.

*** Something which I’ve been pondering for many years may then be explained under this new paradigm:

  • When people live in a house it seems to follow a different schedule of decay than when a house is not lived in, even though Windows and doors are closed! Without people’s energies and thoughts present, decay seems to happen at an accelerated pace!

I started subscribing to the daily positive emails “Notes from the Universe” from www.tut.com. Each day I started receiving wonderfully positive messages! Towards the bottom of the email is a message: “thoughts are things, choose the good ones!”

Remember what Maya Angelou said?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better!” 


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