If you never heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.

“If you never heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”

Isn’t this the truth?!

As long as we’re unhealed, even raw from our past, there is spill-over onto other people.

I’ve experienced it, from when I ended up having my hurt and negativity spill over onto others, which was from the days when other people’s inner hurts and damage were spilled over onto me.

It’s a cycle which keeps perpetuating itself, unless we work to change it.

Yes, we want to heal so we don’t inflict this pain onto others around us, but we also want to heal so we’re not feeling so raw inside of ourselves!

Some people feel a sense of pride that all the difficulties and garbage they went through isn’t being transferred to other people, because they deal with their inner pain by over-eating, taking drugs, drinking alcohol or using other addictions to try to deal with the inner desolation and pain.

Yet, addiction isn’t healing ourselves. Addictions seem to offer a way to deal with inner pain and suffering, but they only intensify our negative feelings, instead of helping us to heal.

Addictions are also a primary reason why pain and inner destruction is passed onto others, because the very things which are trying to be suppressed get spilled over onto other people, perpetuating this cycle.

Inner work is very challenging because we come up against the inner lies we’ve been taught about ourselves, overtly by what has been said to us, and picked up through how we were treated, and these act as roadblocks to our healing by sabotaging us.

Self-sabotaging inner messages which come up cause us to doubt our abilities to heal and move forward, they can also trigger anxiety and depression, so we drop the process.

I have found that there are gentle ways to heal, where we slowly build ourselves up, where we slowly strengthen ourselves!

As much as we’d like to heal very quickly and have it over with, the slower method actually works much better when we have a lot of inner negative messaging to deal with.

Healing is relearning how to see ourselves, it is actively working on retraining our brains to operate from a new positive place, and it is more than stuffing things down!

Healing is possible for each of us, no matter what we’ve come out of, although our timelines will vary depending on how we’ve been affected.

You deserve to heal and to live a life feeling good about yourself!

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    1. I’ve found personally that if I tried these quick way it didn’t actually “stick” for very long vs. going through the process slowly, which allowed me time to adjust mentally and emotionally to the changes I was trying to make.

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