Feeling broken?

In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, which adds to its beauty. Consider this when you feel broken.

We’ve lived in a throw-away society for the past few generations, since products started being manufactured cheaply (low cost, low quality) and the marketing departments came up with “New and improved” ads which convinced us we NEEDED every. single. little update and product.

Where a couple generations ago people repaired and patched to extend the life of something, the NEW way was to see that as hopelessly old-fashioned and having a POOR outlook on life.

RICH was what people aspired to, so the appearance of wealth became part of our internal psyche. It’s no wonder that depression has increased exponentially in our societies, as people struggle with feelings of self-worth. Yes, subconsciously there’s so many levels where the ad campaigns have colored our perspectives of who we need to be as people.

Our Instagram perfectionism has created a feeling that we need to put up a great facade, that we need to show that EVERYTHING is perfect in our life, and we absolutely can’t show any flaw or weakness, or we won’t be seen as follow-worthy or even worthy!

If you admire someone because they seem to be perfect and have it all together, you may actually be setting unrealistic expectations for yourself!

Life isn’t perfect, it’s messy. It needs to be so we can have things to overcome to be able to learn and grow!

We’re all a work in progress! We’re all growing, or we really should be!

You’re growing! If you feel broken, remember a seed needs to break out of its husk to be able to sprout and a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly after it has broken out of its cocoon!

If you feel stuck in the muck, remember that flowers grow wonderfully in manure!

Sometimes we need to flip the script in our lives in order to see the negatives as possible portals to the positive. The universe loves you and wants you to grow, so it will keep giving you opportunities to do so!

I went through years of long trials with finances, health and negative people, that I thought I would break. I thought I would be crushed. I struggled to hold on because deep down I had come to believe I was deserving of all the negative, had people in my life saying unkind and demoralizing things which lodged into my spirit making me feel worthless.

When I learned that the same vibration of love as an emotion is the same vibration as the whole universe, and that the whole creation works together in harmony, I learned more about the nature of God, our Creator!

I learned that since we’re all a part of the universe, we’re made to operate on the same wavelength. We’re all deeply loved as a result!

Our trials aren’t meant to crush or break us, but are there to help build us up stronger, like going to the gym helps build strong muscles!

In every situation there’s a flower!

When I went through years of abuse, I learned that I wasn’t obligated to keep those people in my life! Loyalty didn’t give them permission to hurt and damage me!

As I discovered my self-worth and developed my inner strength to make decisions about who and what I allowed in my life, I made changes. I removed or distanced myself from the toxic people, which helped me to heal because there wasn’t then a continuous inflow of negative and hurtful messages into my mind and spirit.

Remember the image of the gold-repaired bowl above as you make changes in your perspective about yourself!

The lessons you’re learning from what you’re going through will become the gold to repair all the broken pieces inside of you!



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