If feelings could talk…

If feelings could talk…
Loneliness might be telling me me I need connection
Shame might be telling me I need self-compassion
Resentment might be telling me I need to forgive
Emptiness might be telling me I need to do something creative
Anger might be telling me I need to check in with my boundaries
Anxiety might be telling me I need to be brave
Stress might be telling me I need to take it one step at a time.

Sometimes our feeling are hiding other deeper feelings!

It’s easy to just see what’s on the surface and harder to look deeper, because we fear what we may find!

Our fears are just blocking us from feeling what’s really going on, and are hiding our way out of dealing with them.

As you can see, when we look deeper, we find ways to set ourselves free!

Feelings aren’t intrinsically good or bad, they just are! It’s how we express them that affects us and others!

Isn’t it easy to ignore them, act like they’re not there, and say they don’t negatively affect anyone else if we’re not letting them out?

Or are we really doing that?

In our fear to look into our deeper feeling, we actually may be engaging in a lot of negative self-talk to try to get through life!

When we diminish ourselves, we diminish our relationships with other people because we aren’t bring our whole and authentic selves.

Our fears aren’t protecting us from an imaginary monster, they’re blocking us from dealing with and healing from our inner self!

Getting in touch with our inner feelings isn’t about just letting them out and unleashing them on others around us, but to acknowledge them, to honor them by walking through the whole process with them.

It takes going inward, and then processing them through talk therapy or journaling or art therapy… or a combination of all.

I love doing a combination of art making with written words, because my subconscious shows me what I’m struggling to feel.

What has helped me through all those inner shadow areas? Learning that I’m loved and cared for by the universe! We all are! So are you!

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    1. Thanks so much! We (collectively), don’t enjoy going deeper inside because of our fears, but so many times our fears are unfounded! We fear the worst don’t we?!

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