Bloom where you are planted!

Bloom where you are planted!

Tamara Kulish

Years ago I heard a church Pastor use a version of this phrase, and it landed in my heart at a time when my first husband had gone into rehab after struggling with his drug and alcohol addiction and my health was adversely affected by the extreme stress I felt under.

Prior to that I had only heard things like “Grin and bear it”, “Stick by your man” or “You made your bed, now you lie in it”.

Not very uplifting or encouraging thoughts right? I felt overwhelmed at that time, and had no idea how to cope.

The idea of seeking to “bloom” under very adverse life conditions, where I didn’t feel like I was in control or had an option to leave was a totally different mindset than simply trying to tough it out!

Yes, we all have choices we can make, but sometimes we just feel stuck or even trapped in situations we don’t feel morally able to just leave!

This is exactly where I was at the time. I was a devoted Christian who couldn’t in good conscience leave my marriage, so I was struggling to gut through all the difficult times. I’m sure there are a number of people living that scenario right now!

This was one of the mindset flips I incorporated to help myself through difficult times, and which helped me change my outlook on life events I found myself in.

If you’re currently struggling with feeling trapped in a situation where there doesn’t seem to be a way out, whether a job, a relationship or a living situation, try looking for ways you can “bloom where you are planted”!

In order for a plant to bloom it needs optimized living conditions, and so do we!

Practicing good self care is the foundation to being better able to handle anything life throws at us!

  • Enough sleep – sleep deprivation adds to our mental stress burdens and depletes our reserves for our mental and physical health!
  • Good nutrition – eating a lot of junk food or prepared foods doesn’t always provide our bodies with enough nutrients, plus the extra sodium, fat and food preservatives only takes a toll on our health!
  • Gentle exercise – getting the blood moving is key to sustaining good health!
  • Fresh air and sunshine – we need this for our physical health, but our mental health gets a huge boost when we supply these regularly to ourselves!
  • Attending to the spirit – don’t neglect your spiritual practices, this can help to provide the needed mental release which is really needed!
  • Fun time and enjoyment – often we forget this component when we’re going through a tough time, but this really helps us get ourselves back on track and to feeling like ourselves again! Try a blend of solo and more outgoing activities!

Blooming where we are planted isn’t just making do, it’s focusing on how we can help ourselves to feel better, even improve in the situations we currently find ourselves in!

Kudos to you for doing this work!

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5 thoughts on “Bloom where you are planted!

  1. Self-care is extremely important especially when you’re feeling trapped. There are some situations we may not be able to immediately get out of or even ever get out of and trying to make the best of it can help a lot. Just trying to be your best self can really help make you feel better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊 absolutely! A lot of lip service is given these days to creating the life we want to live, but the reality for many people is that they cannot change the situation they are in, so it’s vitally important to change our thoughts.

      Does this mean that nothing will ever change? No, things can change drastically, but until or if they do, adjusting our sails to the current winds helps us to retain our sanity!

      I went through that in my first marriage where I thought I couldn’t leave him (due to my religious beliefs), but as it turned out, he left me for someone else.

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