Reach out and talk about it! Don’t suffer in silence!

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Years ago I had reached a terribly low point that I thought my time on earth was over.

I am grateful now that the universe intervened by sending me someone to talk with about it and who helped me to move past that time.

My life continued, I started working on healing from my past and working on lessening my anxieties and depression.

By working on increasing my positivity, increasing my feelings of self worth and by learning to finally love myself, my perception of the road I was on drastically changed. -Tamara Kulish

My mental health suffered for too many years when I lived under the pressure of feeling I needed to be great at handling my life or I would be criticized for my inabilities.

I had struggled for years, seeking to be accepted or approved by certain people in my life, and unfortunately the line in the sand kept getting moved, so no matter how hard I tried, I always fell short and they’d criticize me!

The criticism was emotionally devastating, and what happened was I’d internalize it, then keep running on that treadmill seeking to finally get the approval which never came!

I saw years later that no matter what I did I was going to be criticized by certain people in my life, so I decided to put my mental health first!

When we know in our heart of hearts that we’re doing the best we can, at this place and time, it becomes easier to let go of feeling we have failed everyone.

Feeling like a failure is not necessarily the whole truth of our existence, it is our interpretation of the negative messages we have internalized! By rewiring our thoughts, it is possible to rewrite the perception of failure into simply a stepping stone in our journey, where we’re learning and improving!

Anxiety and depression are connected, and when we rewire our thought patterns from negative into positive, we lessen, even eliminate the old symptoms and triggers!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the negative self talk you’ve become an expert at, please reach out to someone positive and supportive!

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12 thoughts on “Reach out and talk about it! Don’t suffer in silence!

  1. Sadly I can say I absolutely relate to and understand all that you share in your post. It takes tremendous strength and courage to prioritize our mental health over others’ convenient expectations. It is so worth it.

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