Don’t fight the river, flow with it!

This post was inspired from a response I wrote to James L on, where he was talking about how Life gets in the way, and how it had been getting in the way of some of his plans.

“Totally understand those “Life gets in the way” moments! All I can say is: keep going! Sometimes we get diverted into other things which may not feel better, but they turn out to be necessary – for our lives, our development, for our families… keep going! Don’t fight the river, flow with it!”

Tamara Kulish

James L’s post resonated with me because I’ve experienced a LOT of situations where life seemed to have completely different ideas than I did the direction of where things would end up going!

I’m sure you’ve experienced this too, and I know this is an area that as humans we can really STRUGGLE WITH!

Over the years, I’ve struggled to learn how to more gracefully flow with the changes, rather than trying to hold onto the reality as I knew it.

Holding onto the reality we’re accustomed to is a huge stress factor in many of our lives, and is even more pronounced in the past year and a half of the pandemic.

Our collective and individual mental health has suffered as we fight against the uncertainties that the changes have been wreaking in many of our lives.

To say that life will go according to plan is to challenge the universe! Sometimes we get sparkles and sometimes we don’t!

Tamara Kulish

One thing is certain: there is no such thing as a sure thing and no such thing as our lives remaining unchanged!

Like many of you, I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic, but not because of it. (We had a new CEO come onboard, and he chose to have a different person as his assistant, making my job redundant.)

However, because of the pandemic, my job search extended far longer than I could have imagined. I took a temp job in March, having a very good feeling about the organization when my recruiter called me, and I’ve been there since that time. I continued my job search for a permanent position, and found the long-term stresses associated with the job search process affected my physical health, even though I have been practicing mindful gratitude.

I’m a person who likes stability, and as I get older I find I need it more. I don’t know if it’s just an age related thing, or if it’s my mind needing to feel more grounded because of all the turmoil and difficulties I’ve gone through; probably a mixture of the two.

Here’s a couple of VERY IMPORTANT things I know about going with the flow:

  • Practicing going with the flow does require us to remind ourselves a LOT that the universe has our back and is working things out behind the scenes on our behalf!
  • Going with the flow also sometimes requires doing breathing exercises to help calm the mind and the body!

If you’re hanging in because you’re waiting on a change to happen, hang on!

Change always happens, that’s a given! When it happens can be the big mystery!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t fight the river, flow with it!

  1. Thanks for sharing my post, I’m glad it was able to inspire this.

    You’re definitely correct about their being no such as a sure thing – I’ve pursued my goals stubbornly and with it missed out on other opportunities for having so a limited view.

    Embracing change and accepting when some things come to an end is a great way to not fight the river and go with the flow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was my pleasure to share your post! It definitely inspired this one!

      I agree with being narrowly focused on a goal and not seeing other opportunities! I’ve done that plenty of times and only realized afterwards what I had done! LOL!

      Change is a given but as humans, we do tend to fight against it a lot, don’t we?!


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