The power of love is the strongest force in the universe.

The power of love is the strongest force in the universe.

Does this surprise you?

It would be easy to think that hate is the strongest force, what with so much negativity being played out by the media, but in truth love is the underlying power!

God, Jesus, all the spiritual teachers, the Angels and the entire force of the universe is love. It’s all love.

Hate is the absence of love, not because people are by nature angry or hurtful, but because of deep damage done to people’s spirits.

Heal the damage, and then love starts to bubble up and go outwardly, while the hate fades!

Hate which is generational, which has been passed down, is rooted in hurtful behavior towards family members and then becomes normalized.

It’s normalized not because people think it’s a great thing to do, but because we all want to feel normal, even when we don’t know how to, and because we don’t know how to heal. The damage done may have been so deeply normalized, that it even can feel disloyal or weak to want it any other way!

If you’re not happy with the status quo of feeling angry, sad, depressed, anxious or “different”, then please start your journey towards healing by showing yourself some kindness and love by speaking kindly to yourself!

This is really hard to do in the beginning when Your brain just spews out and regurgitates all the negative messages you’ve been told and through how you’ve been treated!

Start small by suspending judgement of yourself and of others!

Next try to find the positive in the situation. The next step is to speak kind words to yourself and to others!

This is a learning curve and takes practice, so be gentle with yourself!

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