We’ve tried hate, let’s try something different, let’s try peace, love empowerment, communication, collaboration!

“We’ve tried hate.
We’ve tried wars.
We’ve tried destruction.
It only caused more pain.
Let’s try something different.
Let’s try peace, love empowerment, communication, collaboration.
Let’s see how that turns out!”

Does it seem odd that some people seem to be naturally wired to be peaceful people while others’ anger seems to flare out of nowhere over seemingly small things?

What’s up with that?

The Amygdala is a key player here.

The more it gets engaged through traumatic events or perceived threats, the more our brain gets trained to react through it, sending Adrenalin and Cortisol coursing through our bodies.

We aren’t held hostage by our Amygdala.

We are able to change how we respond, and we’re even able to have control, instead of feeling hijacked by our emotions.

Every thought and action we perform creates new Neural Pathways in our brains.

When we perform actions repeatedly, the Neural Pathways become so overlaid that the pathways become virtual roads.

These “roads” help us to then perform actions without needing to think about them too much, so they become easy, automatic even.

Good habits and bad. Both develop Neural pathways which are wide and deep from repeated use.

That’s why it’s so difficult to overcome a bad habit.

So how do we?

By creating new Neural pathways with a positive thought or behavior.

Use that thought or behavior each time, or as many times as you can, and you will slowly built Neural Pathway upon Neural Pathway until they become the new “road” your brain takes!

What happens with the previously used Neural Pathway which was associated with the undesired behavior?

It will gradually fade away from less and less usage!

By choosing positivity, peacefulness, loving and kind actions, we can slowly rewire our brains to steer ourselves away from anger or any other behavior we don’t wish to spend our lives living with!

We have more power to change our behavior than we realize!

What would this mean in your life?

I hope you’ll explore my books, Guided Journals and many blog posts I’ve created to help support you through this inner journey!

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