This world may never understand you. That is not your fault, that is your gift.

“This world may never understand you. That is not your fault, that is your gift.” – CW Poet

I’ve gone through life feeling like I was out of step from most people.

I don’t seem to look, dress or behave like many women I know, and have felt judged for not being like them.

I’m not stuck up, I don’t try to stay apart from them because of dislike, I’m just someone who is different.

I’ve been different from most groups I’ve tried to become part of, and have deeply felt that separateness many times, and honestly it’s made me feel very lonely, because sometimes what I want most is to simply belong without anyone questioning if I belong, if that makes sense to you!

The very things which make me so different also inform my artistic spirit and my creations; they give me an observer’s viewpoint, which has helped me to connect the dots to many of my life’s lessons and helps me to write.

Whether most people connect with my artistic work or writing is mostly a mystery to me, but I know that for people who really see me, they connect with what I create and write.

I’ve tried to give it all up, to conform, but that never worked, because who I am is something inside of me, and what I create is simply an extension of that.

Likewise, who you are is something that is a part of your fiber, not something that you erase just because you give something up in the name of conformity!

When we try to suppress who we are in order to conform, part of our soul is hurt, and in order to deal with that many have become alcoholics or other types of addicts to deal with feeling like they couldn’t be their true selves.

When I tried to give up my creative side in order to conform – to be accepted – I fell into depressions deep enough to scare me. I felt like a shell of a person.

I realized that the very things that made me so different from others were the very things I needed to continue to do in order to allow my soul to breathe and for it to feel normal.

I realized that it was far more important to me to allow my soul to breathe than to feel accepted or included.

Solitude isn’t a bad thing. It allows us the time and space to be our true selves.

There are many other people just like me. There are many other people just like you.

It’s up to each of us to find our soul tribe, to find the people we connect with, people who see us, people who get us and are happy we’re who we are!

There’s many wonderful people out there, so don’t despair!

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5 thoughts on “This world may never understand you. That is not your fault, that is your gift.

  1. I loved that quote! And what you say makes absolute sense to me. I can relate to your post – have felt the aloneness, the hurt, the strive to belong, the exhaustion, just wanting to accepted as myself. Here’s to embracing the gift that we are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Being different is very difficult when we’re younger and haven’t discovered our gifts yet!

      Even knowing our gift, there’s still a residue at times of feeling blue about not conforming to the norms… at least I feel that at times! I’ve wished for it to be easier, but that isn’t the path for us is it? Otherwise we wouldn’t have leaned into who we are and developed our gifts?!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. 😛 a bittersweet life! Yes, owning our gifts is our responsibility, as are finding our tribe of people who resonate with who we are! Even if we feel at times “in our cups”, that is, feeling our emotions, it’s still our responsibility to take ourselves by the hand to lead ourselves to where we need to be! 😉😊

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