The Universe sends us a trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

The Good Buddha

When I look back on my life and all the difficulties I went through and the damage I sustained as a result, I see the hand of the universe trying to send me help in various ways.

People around me could see I was struggling. Some did their best to be supportive and helpful, for those people I am forever grateful.

Others saw my misfortunes as signs God was displeased with me and so they took it upon themselves to offer me “correction” to get me “on the right path”.

toby mac #speaklife

What they didn’t understand was that God sometimes chooses people LIVING in those situations to share their experiences with others, for as we know, we sometimes listen best to those who have walked before us on the same path.

In order to heal, I had to pull a little bit of information from here or there, interestingly often from books that people told me about.

In fact, most of my help came that way!

It wasn’t from one person or even from one event, but instead, it was a series of stepping stones that were placed in my path.

Later I saw that the things I had rejected outright kept being presented to me in ever different ways by different people, and when I finally stepped my toe into that water, I discovered WHY that information was being given to me, over and over.

We need to pay attention to the trail of breadcrumbs that the universe sends us!

The universe doesn’t always send a large magnificent solution, that everyone would ooh and aah about, a sure sign of a miracle and of God’s love and benevolence.

The fact that he doesn’t often work that way isn’t a sign of our unworthiness!

Often he inspires someone to tell us about a book, not because that book has EVERYTHING in it we need, but because we will find our first stepping stone!


Pay attention to where the trail of breadcrumbs is leading you!

You haven’t been abandoned just because the solutions you crave aren’t coming into your life when you feel you need them to.

meme by Bob Visser

You aren’t unworthy just because you haven’t been “rewarded” awesomely the way it appears others have.

You are very worthy!

If you have been given a trail of breadcrumbs, maybe the universe and God trust you to learn what you need to from the situation you are in, and that you will trust the stepping stones which are being presented to you!

Living the life of the underdog is difficult, particularly if you have people in your life who equate your worth to where you are in life, right now.

Wayne Dyer

Sometimes we need to spend time in the gutters of life to learn skills we would never have learned, to meet people we never would have met, to be presented with opportunities that would never have come our way, unless we had walked the path we find ourselves on.

I have seen that just because we sometimes get thrust into difficult situations isn’t because we’re unworthy, but instead is because there is something very precious inside of us which needs to come up from the depths and will be transformed into something fresh and helpful.


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10 thoughts on “The Universe sends us a trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

  1. There are indeed many stepping stones which help us to move forward, and you are creating more of these yourself with this blog. It helps so much to hear of other people’s experience who are on the same quest. It connects us. Thank you for this, Tamara!

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    1. Thanks so very much for your insight and your support. I’m very happy to have connected with you on this quest!


  2. I love your imagery of the breadcrumbs. It reminds me of a post I read the other day about someone who was interned in a concentration camp who learned to trust that she didn’t need to know the solution to all the problems she would face in life – just the one she was facing that day. May we all follow the breadcrumbs to where we are being led — and share the wisdom, like you so generously do, Tamara!! Thank you!

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  3. “You aren’t unworthy just because you haven’t been “rewarded” awesomely the way it appears others have. You are very worthy!” You are so absolutely right about this. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others and think that there is something wrong with us or something we are doing wrong because we aren’t as “blessed” as others but the truth is that we absolutely are. We just need to look at our lives more clearly.

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    1. Thanks so much for concurring! I don’t know about you, but I REALLY struggled to see this when I was younger. I know my sense of unworthiness interfered with feeling that the universe had my back, so I was rejecting some very valid options, as my own fears got in my way.

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  4. This is great, Tamara! I was just trying to tell a friend of mine this same thing, but much less eloquently! I’m just going to forward him your post! Sometimes we just need to be presented with the info in lots of different ways to finally accept it! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I think we’re all so much like that, at one point or another, aren’t we? Sometimes the very things that the universe and God pushed me to do we’re the things that I dreaded the most, yet those were the times I learned the most and grew as a person.

      Thanks for sharing this with your friend, I hope that it will help him.


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