Good things can still happen in the midst of chaos.

“Good things can still happen in the midst of chaos.” – @theburnoutbrain

When our lives are feeling chaotic, we tend to shift into anxiety, thinking that we just need to have the inner grit to ride through the negative period.

When our focus is on the negative, it’s very difficult to feel positive about anything during this time.

The long term effects on maintaining this mindset through a string of life difficulties leaves us feeling like we’re continually struggling to see that positive things could happen to us.

My life looked like this for most of my life. It was compounded by negative messaging I was receiving from my abusers, from the churches I had attended where members told me I had displeased God, and from the inner damage to my spirit where instead of being able to filter out the negative, I was amplifying them in my head.

What if this wasn’t the only way to live?

What would your life look like if your view point changed?

I learned that my life didn’t need to keep following this model.
I learned I could change my outlook.
I learned that I did indeed have the inner abilities to make these changes, even though I didn’t feel I did!

What was ONE concept which helped me to change?

Learning that good things can happen in the midst of chaos!

I learned that something awesome can happen at any moment!

What was ANOTHER concept I learned?

Learning to FEEL grateful for my life, instead of feeling anxious about it!

GRATITUDE became easier and easier to feel as I actively worked on learning to deal with the things which were making me feel anxious.

Start by hoping you can, then you’ll work up to believing you can!

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