Changing your belief system with positive thoughts can change your world…

“Changing your belief system with positive thoughts can change your world…” – Divinity Speaks

I used to be very mean to myself. If I messed up in any way I’d berate myself, give myself lectures, cuss at myself and say every nasty thing I could think of.


Honestly it was because I thought I deserved it.

I had come to believe that I was worthless and deserved abuse, due to having internalized the abuse and negativity I had received in my life.

That’s what happens to many of us who have gone through abuse; our sense of self becomes warped, and we continue where our abusers left off, giving them free reign in our heads to continue to wreak havoc.

We each have the power to change our inner beliefs!

I believe in the power of positive thoughts, because that was one of the tools I used in my own healing.

When I first started, it was very rough going.

My negative inner beliefs were so ingrained that when I tried to speak even a very mild encouragement it would trigger me to have a panic attack.

How do we change our inner beliefs if we keep getting triggered?

Persistence! We need to keep trying!

It takes time to slowly wear away the old inner negative messages to gradually replace them with positive ones!

Even when we feel really strong, something can come along and blow us off course, so we need to use positive words to get our minds and thoughts back where we want to be.

I have found that Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay are wonderful sources of many positive messages.

You have the power to make these changes in you!

Start today! The future you will thank you for it, and you’ll feel better!

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2 thoughts on “Changing your belief system with positive thoughts can change your world…

    1. Yes! That’s a very “on trend” thing to be seeking to do now, but I’m also happy that more people are getting into doing the inner work!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being supportive here!

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