Pray the universe gives difficult people what they need and not what they deserve!

When we have difficult or even hateful people in our lives, isn’t it tempting to pray that they get what they deserve? Isn’t it tempting to pray they get a taste of their own medicine?

I know I’ve thought those thoughts! I’ve prayed to be avenged! I’ve prayed to have the playing field leveled – in my favor!

When I read that it’s damaged people who hurt others, and that healthy people don’t, it changed my whole perspective on how I see them now!

I see them in need of healing and love… however, I’ve also learned my limitations! I realize I don’t have the big huge universal love that’s needed to help them, no matter how compassionate I can feel. Their needs far exceed what most humans are able to give.

I’ll do my part by being kind and loving, but I no longer sacrifice my health and mental wellbeing in the name of helping someone who is actively continuing their damaging ways by hurting people around them.

What have I started to do instead?

Well, tonight I prayed for someone, and I prayed that God, the universe, the Angels all conspire to give that person what they need!

I know it’s going to take a lot of love and healing to help that person feel whole and to be able to release their current ways of dealing with people.

I felt such a sense of peace praying for this person’s needs that I knew I needed to share with all of you!

For the past few years I’ve been mentally releasing them to God and the universe to handle and care for, but this time I took an active step of praying for what this difficult and abusive person needs, transforming pushing the person into the Heavenly realms hands into a more loving position of asking that they receive what they need.

This may seem like a small point for some people, but for those of us who have suffered abuse, it may seem emotionally impossible to pray for one’s abuser.

Praying for what they need for healing their inner damage is quite different from praying in other ways.

The universe has been working to help me in so many wonderful ways, that I feel that if I pray for someone else to receive the love and support I have received, the universe will answer my prayers!

Let me know how you feel if you decide to try this kind of prayer!

If you don’t feel ready for this kind of praying, that’s okay! God and the universe loves you and wants to grow and heal at the inner pace you feel comfortable with!

I pray you feel peace in your heart!

Have a great day!


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