Forgiving to overcome

Not carrying our past… doesn’t mean stuffing it all down, ignoring or just trying to forget our pasts.

I’m going to talk about forgiving, but with a twist!

Yes, forgiving others can be monumentally difficult! It can tear at our hearts to think about forgiving someone who has been abusive for years, yet simply trying to understand that they themselves were damaged and unhealthy, can explain a lot. Remember: healthy people don’t hurt others!

My new offering today is to suggest looking for ways to forgive yourself!

Self blame and shame are heavy burdens to carry. We don’t meet to keep carrying that old baggage, it’s time to let it go!

I suggest going out into nature, bring a yummy snack to care for yourself! Do bring a notebook to write in and even some art supplies!

Praying or just speaking aloud is so helpful to look at the different events and situations and find positive ways to forgive yourself and speak affirmations to your spirit!

Replacing self deprecating inner talk can be replaced with believable affirmations!!

Write down some positive thoughts which come to mind through this experience and make a point of reading them to yourself throughout the month!

Remember: the universe loves you and wants you to be happy and healthy!!

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