Today I just want to give you some love!

Today I just want to give you some love, because you probably need it!

No matter what’s going on in your life, please know that you matter! you are worthy! You have a part to play in the grand design!

No one is unimportant. Every single person on this planet deserves respect and love.

Every single person has tremendous capabilities and possibilities!

Everyone has their battles to face in life. you aren’t undeserving just because you may have been given a heaping dose to deal with! The universe and God aren’t seeking to burden, punish, or break you!

This has been a very difficult 2 weeks for those who have family or friends caught up in the war in Ukraine, and terribly devastating to live through it if you are in it.

My heart aches for everyone affected by this invasion, for the Ukrainians as well as the thousands of multinationals living or studying there, trying to flee.

We’re seeing awful images and videos of the horrors going on.

I send blessings, thanks and prayers to all the volunteers helping in so many ways, who provide aid and shelter to all the people coming to help Ukraine, the refugees, and the citizens still within the borders.

I ask that your anger over what is happening will not spill over onto Russian citizens who for the most part don’t support the war and who have no say in it. I ask that you not spill your anger onto Russian people who left Russia to seek a better life for themselves outside of the Iron Curtain, for they too know the horrors of life under communism and the oppression of a totalitarian regime.

This war isn’t any more important than any other which is happening or has happened in other nations, nor are the Ukrainian people any more important than any other citizen.

What is different about this war, is that Russia is the aggressor, and Putin is seeking to totally destroy Ukraine if it doesn’t surrender and once more become part of Russia. Putin doesn’t care one bit for the Ukrainian people, he wants the land and the resources. Those mean more to him than the people.

Please try to connect with verified organizations to send cash, do not send goods.

Here’s why: Humanitarian groups in Ukraine do not want your donated items, please click on the article, posted by Microsoft News.

Here is a link to an NPR article that gives more guidelines to help:

If you wish to volunteer your time, please seek local organizations, Ukrainian churches or Embassies to see what they need!

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10 thoughts on “Today I just want to give you some love!

    1. Thanks for the love back! 🥰😊 I’m trying to keep it realistic but positive, since there’s too many horrors that are going on for those poor people going through the war. As with any humanitarian event happening in the world, there’s scammers trying to rob the good hearted people trying to help, so navigating through can be a challenge. Thanks for your encouragement!

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