She needed a hero, so that is what she became

“She needed a hero, so that is what she became.”

When I was still raw with unhealed emotional hurts, I was mostly in survival mode and looked outward from myself for my healing to happen. When it didn’t – because it doesn’t work that way – I felt betrayed. Betrayed by other people, betrayed by God, and my inner negative messaging told me that it wasn’t happening because I was such a loser that no one wanted to help me.

That’s a heavy load to push outwards, and then it became crushing when I felt so worthless.

I had reached rock bottom, and the universe thankfully sent me the most unusual and unlikely teachers, which drew me into Native American ceremonies via my second husband.

During that time I learned a different aspects of the universe and God, their loving nature, and that I was in fact very loved and cherished by them – as we all are.

This shifted my whole world!

You see, I had been taught by many of the people in the last church I had been in, that God was punishing/correcting me with severe health and financial issues for undisclosed sins. I was living my whole life for God, and so that messaging reinforced the negative messaging I had learned from my childhood abuse, which told me I wasn’t good enough, that no matter how hard I tried I’d never be good enough, and that I’d spend my life being punished for it.

Just learning that I was loved and cherished by the universe and God, that their nature is LOVE, opened a whole new world, and was the information I needed to work on my healing.

Along the way I learned that no one could do that for me, but that I’d receive love, support and many teachers from God, my Angels and the Universe.

This is how it works for each of us! The help we receive may come from unlikely sources, so keep an open heart!

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