Drawing without being able to see, and other miracles!

Since I read the article “Painting without sight” from THE PAINTER’S KEYS, I’ve been marveling about being able to do things without having a frame of reference to do so.

This story is about Esref Armagan, a 51-year-old native of Istanbul, Turkey, who has been blind from birth.

Researchers at Boston University and the University of Toronto have been analyzing his work, trying to dig into and understand his thought processes. They bombard him with questions and subject him to brain scans while he paints. His work, which could be characterized as naïve or primitive, nevertheless shows some use of perspective and other sight skills.


Esref is able to not only visualize the world he doesn’t see physically, but he is also able to create artwork that helps us to see what he is envisioning, miraculous really!

How is it possible for someone to create an image of something they’ve never seen, let alone be able to understand perspective, shadows, colors, tones, etc.?

It would seem to be impossible to do, yet, he’s doing it!

“The person who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the person doing it.

– Chinese proverb

200 years ago, most of what we take for granted in our day-to-day lives was inconceivable, and would have been labeled as “impossible” or most probably “witchcraft”, yet here we are, living proof of the impossible having come to pass!

How many wonderful ideas are thrown away, never to see the light of day because the inventor was mocked so badly they gave up?

How many times in your own life have you experienced being mocked or shamed for thinking about doing something that others felt would be impossible for you?

I know I experienced that while I was a teenager. My mother told me some of my ideas were “pie-in-the-sky” and yet not only have I accomplished those things, but I have gone on to surpass them! (I had said I wanted to write a book, and I now have a few titles under my name!)

Sometimes the only way to do what is “impossible” is to just quietly set out to do it!

Sometimes in life, we want to do something without having a frame of reference for how to do it, yet when we start to step out onto that path, the way gets shown to us.

I have currently set a goal for myself, which is to work towards setting myself up with a new income stream to see me into my retirement years. My start-up dollars are far less than the current market is dictating I need, so I’m keeping an open mind to see how the universe will bring this to me!

Steps to achieve the impossible:

  1. Have a Vision, a goal
  2. Break down the steps you need to accomplish this
  3. Have Faith that you will do it
  4. Be open to changing your steps
  5. Start doing the work
John C. Maxwell

Step 5 is important, for we can dream for years, but unless we actually start, we’ll never be able to finish!

I remember being told by the publisher of my illustrated children’s book that I should “put my philosophical thoughts into a book” and I was astonished that anyone would think my thoughts worthy of a book!

I lacked the self-confidence or the self-worth to make a big declaration so I started writing in the smallest, teeniest-tiniest little notebooks I could find. I just wrote down random thoughts as they came to me, and found I was filling up one little notebook after another.

One day a fellow bus passenger asked me what I was scribbling down. In my jauntiest voice, I replied that I was writing a book! He heard the snappy tone, and countered with disbelief, “What, in those tiny things? That’s crazy if you think you’re going to turn that into a book!”

Of course, not everything is as it seems, and people don’t know what subsequent steps we are going to take.

He didn’t know that I would start to write out the sentences on my laptop once I had filled up a few of those notebooks. He didn’t realize the power of copy/paste when writing, to be able to move things around on a page! He didn’t realize that once I started doing that magic process that more thoughts would be triggered and would be added, slowly growing a book out of a few tiny notebooks!

Had I listened to that man’s mocking words and the disdain in his tone, I might never have allowed myself the space to just continue anyway!

Had I figured that he knew better than me, and had decided to listen to his “words of wisdom” I never would have done some of the things I’m most proud of, nor would that have led to blogging and sharing my philosophical thoughts with you!

Sometimes other people don’t know what is best for us, even if they loudly or obnoxiously proclaim they do!

Sometimes we’re perfectly capable of stepping out on a brand new path in spite of doing so “blindly”, for if we’re open to learning as we go, the universe will send us the teachers we need in order to learn the required skills.

Do you have a dream to do something, yet the biggest roadblocks you experience are the people telling you how it’s impossible?

What if you’re the one who develops the very thing that you need to accomplish that dream?

This is how inventions are made!

Someone sees a need for something which doesn’t yet exist, and they make it happen!

What if you were to start small and built from there?

My new goal for myself doesn’t seem probable in today’s market, but I’m also a believer in miracles, of serendipitous things occurring which enable amazing things to happen!

I started this process a few years ago, knowing that it would possibly take me a few years to accomplish. If I even started on the first baby steps a few years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I know that if I keep doing the steps I need to do, a door will open for me to step through! I just need that one door to open! I’m keeping an open mind that the goal I seek may very well occur in a different way than I originally thought because experience has taught me that’s what often happens!

So, here’s to you!

Here’s to you getting started! Here’s to you starting your own baby steps on your journey! Cheers!

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20 thoughts on “Drawing without being able to see, and other miracles!

  1. Firstly – that chinese proverb and the picture is just so awesomely amazing, I was so thrilled and wanted everyone around me to see it!!!
    And now – your post is a powerpacked dose of positivity and motivation, with such honest truths stated that validates exactly how it is to ‘create without a frame of reference’ I deeply appreciate the example of the blind artist- when we create from the stream of consciousness the expressions come from beyond the senses. This is true for even us fully sighted. I feel like I created a lot of life that I call my reality without a frame of reference to grow in and express from. It looks the most simple in mundane life in some ways and yet it could be very miserable had I not precieved and made different choices. You are so right in reminding step 5 is important – sometimes I feel exhausted and overwhelmed with the enormity of my dreams and just don’t want to work on them. Just easier to relax and get comfortable with those around me – the noise and the voices take up too much energy, unless I stay very focused on my course. Your post truly re-lights the fire, reminds it is not going to be done in a day ever, so keep doing the little things that matter and do matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so totally relate! I have approached so many things in my life that way too! I’m delighted to hear that I passed a match to you! If you keep doing the small things, they do add up eventually to bigger things! I wish you peace with the noise and the voices which take up your energy! Here’s to keeping on with keeping going! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes! Absolutely! Here’s to keeping going! Here’s to picking ourselves back up after falling off our path! Here’s to not beating ourselves up over it! 😜💖💐💐

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I was so amazed when I read it! There are truly so many miraculous things happening which need to be shared!! I appreciate you stopping in! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, and yes definitely. We use such a small percentage of our brains, that means we are capable of incredible things, we just have to figure it out through our senses I guess 😊 thank you for sharing

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My pleasure! I’m hoping to share the ideas that things aren’t set in stone, that there’s “wiggle room” for change to happen or even to be able to alter course completely in life! 😊

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! I’m trying to focus on the positive things, even though there’s so much negativity and BS floating around! I’m wanting to keep building on the positive energies to help people!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome. Please keep doing what you are doing! The world needs more lightworkers. Too much darkness. I am with you. I can’t live in sadness, and heavy darkness. Life is unpredictable and I want to enjoy mine. The first twenty years of my life were depressing and difficult. I intend the last twenty to be enjoyable! We have that choice as old people; we did not as youngsters.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I love this! We’re finally free of the things which bound us, the things which constricted us and made us feel less than ourselves! Now we get to choose all the things which bring us the most joy and which help us feel whole! We get to choose who we want to be and make that happen! 💖💖

          Liked by 1 person

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