Education is not something you can finish!

“Education is not something you can finish.” – Isaac Asimov

Education and learning aren’t limited to time in school, it’s an ongoing opportunity for those of us interested enough in life!

When we get a mindset that our education stopped when we graduated and left school, we can start to develop a closed mind to new things.

People with closed minds usually think they’re right, and will feel the need to stand their ground against anyone coming in with a new idea, preferring to stick with the old tried and true!

Closed minds are dangerous for companies, because they can become blinded to anything different from standard procedure, and thus not be able to see when they’ve become outdated.

Closed minds are dangerous for relationships, because if one or both people aren’t open to trying a new method of communicating, or handling responsibilities, they can suffer a breakdown in the relationship, risking separation.

Closed minds are dangerous for communities when people get so entrenched in their position that they lose the ability to empathize with their neighbor or to be able to see a way to live side by side harmoniously.

When we continue to educate ourselves after our formal schooling ends, we keep our minds more open; even simply entertaining new concepts allows our minds to remain flexible, giving us grater empathy, understanding and the ability to see different solutions!

By staying open, we’re much more willing to see someone else’s point of view instead of insisting on our own, and then we can be much more adept at finding workable compromises and solutions which are a win-win.

This unprecedented time has seen even previously open people shut down, feeling overwhelmed and unable to process emotions and their lives where previously they excelled.

For many people, having now lived long-term with the underlying fear and anxiety that the Pandemic has brought into our world collectively, our responses have shifted more to where the Amygdala dominates, producing fear induced actions from people who previously were operating from a more rational place.

This is a normal and understandable human response, but unfortunately, the results are playing out now in our relationships, in our communities and in the workforce.

Antagonism towards each other, the perceived weaker one, the outsider, others not within our circle, are all obvious in the headlines we read daily, from the texts we receive or the social media warring happening in real time.

To return back to a place where we’re not operating from a place where our Amygdala is the Director, we need to teach ourselves once more to become open instead of suspicious, to learn to be kind to ourselves when we want to beat ourselves up, to be kind and neighborly to one another if we’ve said or done things we regret.

Educating ourselves at this time about how to heal from this difficult time will entail some inward work, to see patterns and to gain confidence to change thought and behavior patterns.

We all share the responsibility to become better than we were before, we all have the ability to accomplish what needs doing, but only some will be willing or feel able to do the work.

Part of being able to move forward from the negative actions or words said during this very stressful time is to 1) take responsibility for it, own it fully by first acknowledging it to yourself and to the other people, 2) be truly apologetic, and then 3) seek to make amends by improving behavior and being kind, instead of trying to brush it under the rug or to deny it happened.

We all have our weaknesses, our frailties, and even dark sides.

It is how they are expressed that matters. When we behave or speak in ways that are hurtful to others, we destroy what is most precious to us: our relationships, the goodwill of others, and our own self-respect.

If you see your behavior or actions reflected here and feel you need to turn a new page, Bravo! I support and encourage you!

Please look at what resources and support you may need to help yourself through this process!

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10 thoughts on “Education is not something you can finish!

  1. Lifelong learning is the best life path. 💖 After obtaining multiple degrees, I love having reached a phase in my life where I choose where to put my learning attention. I also appreciate the countless resources now available to us through technology.

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      1. Thank you. I have been blessed and for many years I was worn out by endless homework! 😂 I am pleased by my academic accomplishments, but I do not miss the constant work. I am most pleased that formal education is behind me. Never lifelong learning though. 😄

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I haven’t had the pleasure of that experience, but I agree with you about the lifelong learning! It’s such a joyous pleasure to keep learning! Now my grandson has discovered that his mom and I are avid learners, so we have the pleasure of having deep in-depth conversations! 🥰

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  2. I find some to have this insatiable thirst for formal education – wanting more and more degrees to prove their worth, and then unable to connect authentically to themselves or others. Some even keep judgment towards those they deem less ‘educated’ than they are. For me the boundaries are blurred now that I am student for life and of life 🙂

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    1. I didn’t have the opportunity for a formal education in a university so I have spent my life learning! My interests are diverse, from wanting to know what makes people tick, to learning about many wonderful inventions, to learning about our world and other diverse things!

      I believe that the more we learn from very diverse areas, to more creative we are and that we can connect the dots to find new solutions!

      Brava for being a student of life!

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