Think big. Trust yourself and make it happen.

Think big. Trust yourself and make it happen.

Trusting ourselves to make something happen is a tough thing to do when we don’t have a strong self image, don’t like ourselves or feel comfortable thinking positive about ourselves.

Until I worked on my own inner self, teaching myself to like me, I had a hard time trusting myself to make something happen.

I could visualize and dream big, but when it came time to trusting myself to be able to make something happen, I’d keep sabotaging myself!

Self-sabotage is far more common than we like to admit!

Self-sabotage is rooted in having low self-esteem and struggling to like ourselves. We struggle to believe we REALLY deserve what we want!

So how do we change that?

We can teach ourselves to like, even to love ourselves!

We can learn that we ARE worthy and deserving of what we dream of!

We can learn to trust ourselves!

When I was still raw and unhealed, it seemed so improbable that I’d learn these things and be able to TRULY believe they applied to me!

I was so doubtful and had so little self-esteem that I had to start with baby steps!

When I learned that the universe and God loves me, wants to help me and not punish me, but has my back and wants me to work hand in hand with them, well, this changed my world!

For so many years I had been given negative messages about myself, that I had internalized them as true.

My original abuser debased me and verbally abused me for years.

Two churches I had been in had taught me that God was punishing me with difficult health problems due to undisclosed sins.

Never mind that I was living my life with my whole heart for God; those words destroyed me and I came to believe that no matter how hard I tried, that I’d never be able to please God. I came to believe that every difficulty and hardship was due to my being a loser, cursed, and that I’d never be able to live a peaceful life.

I reached lows so low that I felt I didn’t deserve to breathe the air or to walk on the earth. Those were dark days.

I started out small with my healing. I took little baby steps.

I started with gentle affirmations to help my spirit have something positive to hold onto, to be able to hope, to learn to believe that good could come to me!

I learned that God and the universe are based in LOVE, that all actions are based on that! I learned that they actually have my back and seek to help me through every day of my life!

I learned that because of my inner damage, that the self-sabotage came in many forms:

  • I’d lose hope and confidence very quickly, that any little setback or minor negativity caused me to give up
  • My negative self image had me speaking harshly to myself which sent me spiraling downwards into depression
  • My lack of self worth allowed me to hang around people who were negative or toxic
  • I had a hard time being around very positive people because it felt fake to me, since it was so out of what I knew as normal

When we start to try to speak kindly to ourselves, learn to start accepting ourselves for who we are right now, start to remind ourselves that God and the universe love us and have our back, we start to take the baby steps towards strengthening our inner selves!

The stronger your inner self becomes, the easier it will be to follow through in trusting yourself to make your big dreams happen!

You can do this!

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