Affirmation: I am blessed!

Affirmation: I am blessed!

Easy to feel blessed when things are going well or we’re feeling good about ourselves, but the rub comes when things aren’t going or feeling so great, right?

Is it possible to feel blessed when we’re feeling anxious or depressed?

I struggled with that concept during the long years I was dealing with anxiety and depression. It seemed to be out of my grasp on my worst days, but very do-able.

As I worked on my healing, I found a very interesting connection!

I discovered that as I was teaching myself to LIKE myself, I was able to connect more and more with feeling blessed!

Does this sound strange?

After all, there’s so many books written about the wonders of gratitude and counting our blessings, but when we have a very negative self image and struggle to feel good about ourselves, we’re also going to struggle with feeling blessed, when actually we may feel more like a loser!

That was what I was feeling, then I felt GUILTY that I wasn’t able to connect with those positive feelings when it seemed everyone else had gotten it so easily!

So, if you read the affirmation above and are able to connect with it, keep reminding yourself of all the little miracles in your life, and feeling blessed with them!

However, if you’re in the space I was, where you’re struggling to feel blessed, please don’t despair!

The pathway to being able to feel blessed and to see the blessings instead of all the troubles, is to work on teaching yourself to like yourself a whole lot more!

How do we teach ourselves something we have no idea to do?

Start small, with baby steps!

We’ve had years and years of practice running a negative inner dialogue, so starting to say positive things to ourselves feels unnatural, even fake.

The trick is to start small with believable things!

Remember, it’s normal to mess up or make mistakes in life!

Practice giving yourself GRACE! Practice NOT immediately speaking harshly to yourself!

Practice reassuring yourself, telling yourself that you’re going to be okay!

Next: start with gentle believable affirmations to build up, uplift, encourage and heal your spirit!

Affirmations are wonderful, there’s so many out there, that a little Google search reveal some which speak to you!

We know we’re healing and growing out inner acceptance, when we’re able to read some affirmations (which gave us difficulty to read previously) with ease.

So, how do you feel when you say the words “I am blessed”?

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