Butterflies cannot see their wings, but the rest of the world can!

Butterflies cannot see their wings, but the rest of the world can!

You. You are beautiful and while you may not see it, we can!

If we could see the heart and intention of each person as easily as we see their exterior, how differently would we see the world, and potentially how we treat each other!

Many of us believe that we’re unworthy of love or kindness because of the damage we’ve experienced from our pasts, yet when others are able to see who we really are, they see a loving, gentle soul!

The most difficult lesson I learned? Learning to see myself as others were able to see me!

I needed to first learn to LIKE myself, because my inner self dialogue was intensely harsh!

Simply telling myself I was lovable or worthy wasn’t working, because my inner story had absorbed a negative personal outlook based on the abuse I had suffered.

I needed to start small with BELIEVABLE positive words! I found gentle, yet general affirmations which I was able to believe in, and then repeated them to myself until I had internalized their messages.

Once I internalized those messages, I was able to listen to more specific affirmations without feeling squeamish about hearing those words spoken about me or to me!

When we feel squeamish about positive words being said to us or about us, this points to areas in our spirit which are still raw with hurt, rejection, and pain.

In order not to continue to feel these hurtful emotions, we block them out, but in doing so we also block out our ability to feel positive words about ourselves!

Inner healing isn’t about revealing an inner monster we fear is lurking inside of ourselves, but healing the hurts which have created this fear!

As we heal, we discover an incredible truth… that there is no monster! That fear was planted when our minds tried to make sense of WHY we were abused, for it seemed to make sense in a twisted way why a parent would abuse a child, if NOT that the child were a monster?

Abuse has that power to make the victim feel they’re responsible for the abuse, when the responsibility lies with the parent, who is severely damaged themselves, for only damaged people hurt others… healthy people don’t!

You are a beautiful soul, loved and cherished by the universe!

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