Know that your deepest gifts grow in the garden of your wounds.

Rob Visser – Spiritual Warrior

“Know that your deepest gifts grow in the garden of your wounds.” – Traver Bohem

Seeds grow best in rich earth… usually enriched with manure… this reality is also an analogy for our own lives!

Our best growth often occurs in or after times when we feel we’ve been dumped on by a giant elephant. It’s not a beautiful time nor is it a time when we feel good or at our best.

Rather the opposite. Our biggest growth times often occur when we’re feeling our worst.

We have two choices when we go through these difficult times:We might think that we’re cursed; we can feel ground down; we can become angry or bitter; our negative feelings can become ingrained, hardened and even turn outwards to others.


We can come to understand that universe loves us deeply and is organizing things in our life to allow the greater good to come about.

We are loved and cared for by God and the Angels. They’re helping us in so many ways.

What may seem like a terrible event may really be a new door opening in our lives that would not have happened otherwise.

The difficulty is going through the physical aspects of those events, but we’re not alone in this journey.

For years I had difficulty understanding these lessons, and so suffered with anxiety and depression, because I had internalized that the negative things were happening to me because I deserved it. My self image was so negative that I spoke meanly and harshly to myself, which only intensified my anxiety and depression.

When I learned to flip the script of my thoughts, to see that I am loves and cared for, to understand that the seemingly negative events are actually opportunities I haven’t yet seen the benefits of.

If we slowly try to see these positive points, we’ll be able to change our lives for the better and to develop a more positive outlook in life.

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2 thoughts on “Know that your deepest gifts grow in the garden of your wounds.

  1. The path from here to there is very difficult so it’s abandoned by many.

    The abandonment leads to other negative self issues which can make it feel impossible to find our way through.

    The hardest thing we can do is to take that walk through the pain, to resolve it and find peace.

    Facing our suffering is difficult but when we lear we have people rooting for us, for our happiness, we can find strength!

    Your message to readers is exactly this! We need to keep holding up the lantern to encourage others to take their first steps!


  2. It is beautiful how you say this and I agree, have found the same lessons through life. Suffering is in fact a message for us to look at things differently, find a doorway in to different possibilities and it becomes accessible through lot of love and acceptance.

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