Removing Inner Blocks Journal!

I’m excited to let you know about the new release of the “Removing Inner Blocks” Journal, the newest to my growing list of focused journals designed as tools to help you resolve life issues!

Removing Inner Blocks Journal button

When we’ve gone through emotional and/or physical traumas, the internal damage can deeply affect us and act as barriers to our forward advancement or work against us subconsciously to sabotage our efforts, in spite of strong efforts in the beginning.

WHY would this happen to people who have otherwise set their foot on the path to success?

Earlier events in our lives leave a range of imprints which then act as our internal tapes discouraging us from attaining our aspirations.

Unless we recognize how we’ve been affected, the work towards positivity and wholeness can feel superficial. Interestingly, our bodies process all our emotions, so when we pay attention to how we feel physically, we can connect with buried thoughts and emotions! This Journal has been created as a tool to help you work through this process!

“When I know better, I do better!” – Maya Angelou

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