Reality-show syndrome has changed how we interact and what we find acceptable behavior in others

Reality-show syndrome has changed how we interact and what we find to be acceptable behavior in others.

Show-boating and creating drama used to be looked down on and seen as something that ordinary hard-working people didn’t respect in others, yet now there seems to be a proliferation of people who are seeking the spotlight with those behaviors exactly!

What used to be frowned upon is now actively encouraged, for everyone is seeking to bring attention to their political agenda, or to their social media site to increase their views and followers.

There have been massive financial rewards for people to display this behavior, and the bar keeps moving ever lower as people find their loudness, their argumentativeness, their absurd claims, their lies, and their exaggerations are all working together in their favor by boosting their ratings and bringing in the money to their bank accounts.

Never has bad behavior been rewarded so well!

Disinformation has become an art form; conspiracy theories have become mainstream and embraced by people seeking deeper meaning in their lives, allowing people to feel “in the know”.

It has become thrilling to watch or participate in salacious behavior because the rewards are high.

Online trolls are living their best moments, like a pyromaniac watching the inferno they set, feeling enormous satisfaction but not caring about the lives lost or the damage done, or the disruption created.

There’s a huge disconnect between what is said and how this has been infiltrating our collective minds. The almost constant barrage of lies, disinformation, and anger outbursts have changed how we see our place in this world, creating so much entitlement when people see that other people seem to be getting what they want by displaying this kind of behavior.

What’s the root cause?

When people inhabit a mindset of fear and lack this behavior takes root and multiples.

In truth, there is an abundance of everything in this world, more than enough for everyone!

We do not need to fear that we will be passed by in life or that we push someone else down to grab “our share”!

That is Red Ocean thinking, where a feeding frenzy occurs because there’s a misconception that something is only available in that small zone, when, in reality, there’s a vast Blue Ocean of possibilities out there!

What’s the best remedy?

Unplug and disconnect from all those sources! Remove yourself from those influences and people exhibiting those behaviors!

Outrageousness isn’t a trait we should be emulating and aspiring to, not when someone else is harmed, insulted, or humiliated so that the person exhibiting this behavior can get what they want!

Just because so many people are falling down that rabbit hole of bad behavior doesn’t mean we need to!

Stay strong! Be blessed!

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11 thoughts on “Reality-show syndrome has changed how we interact and what we find acceptable behavior in others

    1. I stay away from those shows but the effect of them has pervaded how we interact with each other.

      Bad behavior gets filmed on people’s phones and shared on the news and social media, so it seems like people are behaving worse to get an opportunity to act in their own production to get views! 😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So true. People think certain behaviors are okay now and have been normalised even though there is nothing okay about them. The worse the behaviour the more it’s shared. It’s awful! 😨

        Liked by 1 person

  1. For all the good that is out there, there is plenty of negative too. 😞 I haven’t watched any of those shows in years. I sure don’t miss them. I imagine they are worse now. I don’t understand the appeal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you! Unfortunately I’m seeing the long term effects of the shows on society now, when we see spectacularly awful behavior in people and they’re getting a lot of views (because everyone seems to film it on their phones) and people are seem to be acting out more to get those views! It’s like we’re all inside of a reality show these days, either as actors or as the requisite viewers to boost their ratings!

      I’m trying not to click on those stories because I don’t want to make them even more trending!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tamara, you bring up truthful points. I feel disconnected from much of that, which is a good thing, but your insights address disappointing and disturbing behaviors in current reality. Smart of you to not contribute!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m trying! Honestly, sometimes the headlines do tempt me to look! I’m disappointed in how many politicians will choose to say inflammatory and untrue things just to get people riled up and follow them! 😕😕

          Liked by 1 person

  2. “We do not need to fear that we will be passed by in life or that we push someone else down to grab “our share”!”
    This is absolutely relevant and important what you say! People in the same communtiy often don’t acknowledge each other, for they operate in competitiveness. It is sad they don’t recognize the value in shining the light on each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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