Being spiritually awakened goes hand in hand with being deeply involved in ‘ordinary’ life, not withdrawn from it.

“Being spiritually awakened goes hand in hand with being deeply involved in ‘ordinary’ life, not withdrawn from it.” – Mitch de Best

Spiritual awakening… what does that mean to you?

In our diploma/graduation oriented society, for many it’s interpreted as esoteric/spiritual book learning, and when a certain level of knowledge is studied, that the person has ‘attained’ a certain level.

For many they see their knowledge as something that makes them ‘better’ than those who don’t have that same level of knowledge.

What if that wasn’t the whole point?

Spiritual knowledge serves a purpose of giving us tools to live our daily lives.

I believe in our daily lives we’re given opportunities to practice what we’ve learned.

When we mess up, we need to pick ourselves up and get back on track. That doesn’t make us unworthy or a failure… we just need to keep going!

As long as we keep going and keep trying we haven’t failed. Sure, it can be tough going to keep going sometimes.

That’s where our knowledge gets transformed into actions and life skills.

It does take persistence to be able to live up to our ideals under difficult circumstances. Sometimes the persistence takes the form of gutting it out until things get better.

I don’t think we ever become truly spiritually awakened, for there’s always something more to learn, something more to practice as we solve our life’s issues and problem solve.

There’s also a paradox with the whole concept of being spiritually awake:

To be open to learning new things, to be a perpetual student if you will, to keep learning what the universe is teaching us, that is what keeps us on the path of being spiritually awakened.

When we feel we’ve reached the top and have nothing to learn, we essentially close our minds to seeing and learning anything new! That’s actually the exact time to look for something new to learn!

Interesting isn’t it?

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