BE PATIENT when it seems thing are not going right

when it seems thing are not
going right and may never be right again.
Accept that what is yours
will come to you in the
right way at just the right moment.

Note: this post is more spiritual in tone!

Being patient not only now, but even during “normal” times is challenging for us, when we want more immediate results. Previously, the concept of being patient was for many people, just that a concept, but we’ve all been forced into this new mental space of waiting, because we can’t just force things to happen in our time-frame.

One tough lesson I learned in my own life when things seemed to be stuck in an unending holding pattern was to learn to be patient and to trust. I had prayed my fervent prayers over and over, pleading for God to bring change into my life, for it seemed that no matter what I tried, nothing was working.

I learned that not only is there a time and a season for everything, that God and the universe have heard our prayers but that sometimes it takes time for something better to be worked out, for everything to fit into place.

If we trust that the universe is conspiring to work things out for our greater good, we can develop the patience needed to wait.

Waiting is hard when we’re fearing for our future. The unknown is hard to deal with and plays havoc with our mental health. When we feel hopeful, when we feel we are able to trust in our Higher Power, we can release the anxiety, the fears and the stress.

When I pray now, I thank God, Jesus, the Angels for all the work they’re doing on my behalf to work things out in my life. I thank them for all the wonderful things I’m working for and envisioning in my life, that they’re opening invisible doors that I couldn’t have thought of or wouldn’t be able to open by myself.

When we trust that everything is being worked out for our greater good, far better than we could have imagined, we can release stress and just give thanks and appreciation for all that is being worked out for us behind the scenes!

I feel so wonderful, relaxed, recharged and peaceful after I finish my prayers of thankfulness!

Here’s some examples which you can add personal details to:

  • Thank you for helping ___________ regain their health. Thank you for bringing him/her the help they’re going to be needing!
  • Thank you for taking care of the people in my community, and for inspiring people to help each other!
  • Thank you for taking care of the people who have lost jobs or who have lost businesses, I know you’re going to help them with something awesome in their lives!
  • Thank you for keeping my family safe and for helping us with our mental and physical health through this time.

When we know that the universe will take good care of us, (because we’re all loved and cherished) we are able to pray prayers of thanks! Gratitude was a buzzword for a few years before this pandemic, and while living in a state of gratitude all the time seems out of reach for many, the path to getting there is to pray prayers of thanks!

It’s a wonderful habit to get into, and can be done at any time of the day, even quietly under our breath!

This has been a huge shift in perspective and practice that once I started doing it, I felt so much better! I hope you’ll give it a try too!

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