Abundance flows

I love Wayne Dyer! His quotes are so inspiring and I rarely feel a need to change anything yet I feel this one needs a little amplifying!

Surprisingly it doesn’t have to be the 9-5 job which we love doing for abundance to start flowing!! It can be something else which lights up our heart!

We can focus on a positive aspect to a situation we may not love; we can pour our hearts into something outside of our jobs and know we’re making a difference in our life satisfaction levels!!

Not everyone has a job they love or is currently in a position to go after one, but by finding the positives with something else in our life, or even choosing a new focus which gives us strength and motivation to hang in, we might learn to transfer some of that positivity to the areas which aren’t lighting us up!!

I get that we aren’t always in a position to choose what we want or how to live our lives. That brings up a lot of difficult emotions.When we get stuck in our emotions, we need to remember that emotions are thoughts, and thoughts can be changed!!

Remember this: you are a cherished part of the universe (even if you don’t see or feel that right now)! The universe wants you to be happy! You deserve to be happy!

Go ahead, start doing something you think will bring you joy!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it yet! Take a workshop! Take a class! Reach out to find the things which will bring you joy and start including those things into your life!!

Below are some things which bring me great joy!

My joy sparkers:

  • Taking a walk in nature and looking for interesting things to photograph
  • Writing
  • Creating art
  • Talking to people about what they love
  • Volunteering
  • Doing something for my family

Do what brings you joy!

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10 thoughts on “Abundance flows

  1. I love Wayne Dyer as well, he always had such a presence and his presentations are so relaxing. My only wish is that I was able to experience one of his live presentation. ” We can focus on a positive aspect to a situation we may not love” I love this and it’s so true. I often have to shift my focus when I’m confronted with something I don’t love or don’t like doing. Giving your time in service often brings me more peace than giving time and being paid for it.

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    1. 😁 I agree!! It can be mentally challenging to seek the positive in a situation which feels totally negative! My experience is that my mind sometimes wants to hang onto 100% of my perceptions or preconceived ideas of the outcome, yet, that’s not always a great thing! If it doesn’t work out 100%, it’s really tempting to reject it all, instead of trying to work with it to see the positives and to work on the negative things.

      I don’t always have the current options of rejecting something that isn’t meeting my expectations, so training my mind to see the positives helps me to gather the energy to work on improving the negatives!

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    1. 🥰🥰 I love growing things! I did a balcony salad garden last season. It was nice to just step out on the balcony to pick my salad to go with dinner each night!


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