What is the purpose of an Anger Journal, and why you need one!

When I created the Anger Journal I knew I was creating a tool which would be much more than a notebook to dump thoughts!

After all, why would a person buy an anger journal if a simple notebook could suffice?

As with all my books, I’m creating tools. Tools to help a person deal with the immediate moment, and also as a way of gaining valuable insights for growth!

By asking guided questions, it becomes more than a dumping ground!

The purpose of the Anger Journal:

  • It’s a healthy place to release emotions which tie our mind and heart up in knots!
  • As you answer the guided questions set out for each entry, your mind and heart looks to the deeper issues: what are the triggers, what are the desired outcomes?
  • With more use it becomes a valuable tool to see patterns of behavior!

What it isn’t: It isn’t a place for beating ourselves up or for self judgement!

What can you expect if you use one?

With use you’ll gain more insight into yourself and your triggers. You’ll see your patterns to be able to learn from them. You’ll write your insights out to be able to grow!

Why do you need one?

I recommend this journal for anyone who wishes to grow beyond simply reacting to situations and who wishes to develop deeper personal insight.

What’s the special feature added at the end?

There’s an Overview section at the end, again with guided questions, which helps sum up the lessons you have learned!


Will your anger issues be completely resolved by the end of the journal?

That’s difficult to predict! Each person’s anger issues have roots into their past, and so depending on how those past issues get resolved will also inform how the current reactions get changed.

What if you still need more help after reaching the end of one journal?

As with any type of journalling, using more volumes after the first one is filled is quite natural! I know people who fill many volumes, and others who seem to only need a few! There’s no telling how many are needed, your own inner journey will let you know!

If one book doesn’t heal me, isn’t it a failure?

It would be arrogant of this author to imply that one journal or one book will heal and help all the issues! There’s no one size fits all when it comes to personal development books!

We’re all very complex and our healing is very much an onion: peel one layer and there’s another layer under it! It takes many applications of good medicine to heal a person, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual.

In my own healing journey, I benefited from many sources, for each one gave me some new nugget, new support, new insight.

I’ve had many teachers, each one either giving me something the others couldn’t or simply reinforcing on a deeper level the lessons I had already learned but may have been struggling to put into practice!

I’ve created two sizes: an 8″ x 10″ journal which has more space for writing, and a pocket size to fit easily into a purse or backpack!

(Click on the large buttons to go directly to the book’s Amazon page!)

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Anger Journal Full size page button

Anger Journal Pocket size page button

Book blurb:

Sometimes we need a healthy place to release emotions which tie our mind and heart up in knots!

This journal goes with you so you can have it on hand for those tough moments when you might want to tear someone’s head off, but REALLY want to handle your anger in a healthier way! There’s plenty of pages to write, along with helpful prompts, and place to write out lessons learned from those moments. This is more than a notebook… it’s a tool, not only to release those difficult emotions, but to actively work on finding solutions! This journal can help you see patterns of thought and behavior, to help you find solutions! I recommend using the Joy Journal in conjunction with this journal to find balance in your life!


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My books: Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It and How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level. are available in paperback and Kindle. Audio book coming soon!

Guided Journals help you work on a particular issue by answering questions to help see patterns and to find solutions: Removing Inner Blocks,    Anger Journal,    Guided Anxiety Journal    Joy & Mindfulness Journal     My Boundaries Journal   My Inner Thoughts Journal   My Travel Journal   

Thanks for buying my books on Amazon!

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“When I know better, I do better!” – Maya Angelou

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