Things are being worked out for the best!

“Things are being worked out for the best!”

Tamara Kulish

There’s days we all need to be reminded of this, and for me I’m feeling it!

I’m on a quest in my professional life, and have been experiencing coming close to the finish line, but am being edged out by someone else.

This can be discouraging and I’m trying not to be!

I keep reminding myself there IS a plan, and I am a part of it.

Things have worked out in the past, many times differently than I envisioned, but everything did work out!

I know I’m doing everything I can, and that is all I can expect myself to do! I cannot become someone I’m not, so the thought of trying to be a chameleon to blend in better ultimately won’t work, for at some point I will need to be myself.

Perhaps this is my old negative tapes trying to play in my head, telling me there’s something wrong with me when in reality the other person may have more of the skills or experience they’re seeking!

So, reminding myself to trust the powers greater than myself, to have PATIENCE in the process!

This has been a very long road to walk and I’m eager to see my destination. It could well be just around the next corner, so getting discouraged won’t help.

Keeping my faith and strength up is very important, and as anyone who has been in a long-term situation where they haven’t yet reached their goal, you know the energy it takes to keep things positive!

One of the huge differences in my life now, from before when I became overwhelmed and depressed, is KNOWING that I am loved! (So are you, by the way!)

This has helped keep me on track, walking one foot in front of the other instead of taking a long timeout to sit on my “pity-pot”.

I used to think that a good cry would help me, but I noticed that inevitably I’d slide into deep self-pity, no doubt brought on by the nasty words I’d start to say to myself.

Choosing not to cry but to find things in my day-to-day life to feel grateful for has really helped not to launch me down that rabbit hole! It’s not that I’m struggling to be strong and stuffing down my sad emotions, but rather I’m choosing to re-direct my thoughts and energies into what is more productive for me.

After I achieve what I’m seeking in my professional life, I’m sure I’ll shed quite a few tears of gratitude, RELIEF, and joy!

I suppose this is all part of developing a gentle warrior spirit, where I’m building deep resilience and strength.

This is the longest I’ve gone in my life in this type of quest, and knowing that while I feel tired of it and am eager to embrace the next phase of my life, I’m still able to muster the positive thoughts in my mind and heart to keep going. I keep reminding myself that I am exceedingly lucky in my current life situation, for I am still being watched over!

So if you’re on a long, tiring quest yourself, hang in! We are all very loved and cherished by the universe, which is working on our behalf to bring things into our lives we many otherwise never have had the thought to do or the opportunity to do so!

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19 thoughts on “Things are being worked out for the best!

  1. These are powerful times indeed and your message is too, an important reminder. The gentle warrior strength comes from a strong surrender to flow, showing up, stepping up – it can feel tiring, yet all we have is to keep going. Best wishes for amazing times coming to you and your goals with the most ease and joy my respected friend ✨

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