Because Being KIND is AWESOME!

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“Because Being KIND is AWESOME!”

Kindness is never out of season! There’s never a bad time to be kind.

Kindness doesn’t hurt, in fact, it feels good to be kind!

So then, why do so many people resort to being not just unkind, but heartless and cruel to each other, especially on social media?

When people see themselves as so very separate from others that they become “them”, and not part of “us”, it’s very easy to scapegoat the other group.

People who make up untruths about others to further create a negative image of the other side only add to the huge divide between the two.

It may feel safe to surround oneself with people of like mind and to create a huge chasm between them and the people they see as “undesirable” or “unfit” to be in their company, but the truth is, both sides aren’t as far apart as the lies would have them believe.

When we believe the lies and the hugely exaggerated half-truths about someone or a group of people, we relieve ourselves of the responsibility of digging below the surface and finding out the truths.

These kinds of lies have been told about different groups of people for decades, even centuries, depending on which group we’re talking about.

There’s a saying: A lie repeated many times becomes the truth… or the perceived truth, I’d like to add.

We’re willing to believe lies about others when we need to make them the scapegoat or the outcast.

It may feel safer to barricade the doors, to circle the wagons, to defend a safe snug world from “them”, but in truth, when we come to see the lies, we see that we aren’t making ourselves safer, we’re just adding to the hurts and injuries already present in this world.

When we take the time to scrape away the lies being told, and often it’s both sides who lie and repeat the lies, we discover the people we want to hate and despise are actually not so different from us!

If we take the time to look beyond the lies which have been perpetrated and retold many times, usually out of an imagined fear of what “they” will do to “us”, we see our friends, we see our neighbors, we see people in our family.

Lies and the repeating of lies is fear-mongering.

Make people fearful, and they stick together against the “other side”, ready to obey a leader who says “I will save you from ‘them’.”

People who aren’t afraid can’t be so easily manipulated or told what to do, what to buy, what to wear, where to live, etc, because they know there really isn’t much to fear.

There is a LOT of money in keeping people fearful.

Fearful people will buy houses in certain neighborhoods to be safe. They will buy expensive locks and electronic gadgets to keep those homes and possessions inside safe. They will buy weapons and ammunition to further protect their homes. They will elect and follow leaders who say they will keep their followers safe.

Yes, there’s a LOT of money to be made keeping people fearful.

The thing about keeping people fearful is that it keeps us apart from discovering how wonderful each of us really is!

Kindness is the cure!

Kindness helps all of us. It helps each of us to feel a part of something wonderful!

Relationships are built on kindness! Friendships are built on kindness! Communities and great businesses are built on kindness!


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6 thoughts on “Because Being KIND is AWESOME!

  1. Yesterday I read a line in a poem on Mairi Mclean’s blog- Truth is either revealed or concealed, but it is ever-present. I found it interesting how you explained that there is so much money involved in being fearful 🙂 Kindness is so easy to talk about and yet can be so challenging towards those who have hurt us – it is absolutely important to strengthen this practice of kindness no matter what, as most certainly – Only hurt people hurt other people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, truly! Not only do hurt people hurt others, but people very fearful of being hurt. It truly can be difficult to suspend the inner fears, the inner judgment and live life from a place of peace and lovingness.

      The yin and the yang (the inner and outer) form of being kind is to show it to others as well as ourselves!

      Just practicing suspending judgment for one day is a huge first step! Then having the courage to keep adding a day at a time so it becomes more natural!

      It is a doable challenge!

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