Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.


“Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.”

The deepest and most profound lessons I learned from my darkest times, from going through the trenches of my battles and coming through much stronger mentally and emotionally than I ever thought possible.

The hardest parts almost killed me.

Not figuratively, but in a literal sense, because my anxiety and depression made me feel not only helpless to deal with my battles, but also unworthy of coming out of it.

I had reached a depth of spirit where I felt I was unworthy to walk the earth or to breathe the air.

Part of what I went through were the very real battles I was fighting: having been mentally and physically abused when I was a child damaged me and set my up for further emotional and verbal abuse in my adulthood.

These abuses stripped me of a solid sense of self worth, and didn’t provide me with the skills to deal with life well.

Anxiety and depression runs in my family, and going through these abuses plus other life troubles only served to heighten my negative thoughts towards myself.

Going through a long healing journey taught me many lessons.

Like many of you, I wasn’t blessed with a life which set me up for success, I had to learn those lessons in spite of the backward starting position I was dealt with.

Having gone through all those hard times in fact showed me I was stronger and more capable than I realized.

Those hard times showed me the truth about myself that the anxiety and the depression had hidden.

As you go through your own times in the trenches with your battles, please hold onto these thoughts:

“I am stronger than I realize and I am capable of more than I know!”

Tamara Kulish

“My anxiety and my depression are creating a smokescreen, blocking me from seeing my worth and my ability. I will keep persevering!”

Tamara Kulish

“I am worthy and worthwhile! I deserve to develop a saner and a healthier life! I can do this!”

Tamara Kulish

Going through the battles is very difficult and does take a toll on us.

I learned that the best gift we can give ourselves is to practice being kind, gentle and patient with ourselves.

Even during times when it doesn’t feel like we’re advancing much, we can in fact be preparing our minds and bodies for our next phase.

A very good thing to come from practicing being kind, gentle and patient with ourselves?

Teaching ourselves to like and then to love ourselves!

We will need this in our next phase, regardless of what it is!

So, please practice these steps with yourself, and with others! I’m sure you’ll appreciate the results!

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5 thoughts on “Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.

    1. Many of us have walked back and forth multiple times through the valley of the shadow of death. It almost killed us, almost broke us but through the good graces of Providence we are standing to feel our tale! I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through that, but I agree, it made me who I am today.

      I’m grateful to have reached a point where I have left my anger and resentment behind me because I harbored deep resentment against those who had abused or seriously wronged me. I feel peace in my heart where before I simmered!

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