It all begins with one single step!

“It all begins with one single step: healing, change, growth, life, love!”

Every worthwhile thing we wish to start needs to begin with the first step, or it will just remain a wish!

There’s some things that I find myself breaking out into a sweat and feeling a headache wanting to come on. Certain things with my current job search: uploading my CV to sites, filling out employment forms, setting up virtual meetings.

Where does the anxiety come from?

I’ve found that when I do something where I’m putting myself out there, it has the potential to trigger an anxiety attack.

I was verbally and physically abused when I was a kid. Criticism and name calling were the norm. I had internalized all the negativity over the years and it had damaged my sense of worth.

Even decades later, after intense inner work and healing, I’m surprised how I still get panic attacks when faced with something where there is chance I may be rejected.

What do I do if I start having an anxiety attack? How do I talk myself through?

I encourage myself, tell myself I can do this ONE thing! Focusing on just one thing, or one step in the process is important. It gets things going.

After I do the ONE thing, I take a break! I praise and congratulate myself. If my anxiety is really strong, I’ll take a little break to distract my mind. If it’s close to a mealtime and I’m feeling hungry I’ll prepare something nutritious and delicious to eat, because I know if I wait until I’m famished or my blood sugar is crashing, I’ll just reach for anything, and that might not be what’s best for me!

After my break, and a possible meal, I look at what the next ONE thing I need to do. If it doesn’t trigger an anxiety attack, I proceed and do the next ONE thing.

Breaking down large tasks into smaller steps is a crucial part of tackling a new thing which we know we need to do and really want to do, but can still bring on anxiety.

ONE single step. Start with ONE thing.

If you feel okay, do the next ONE thing! If you feel anxious, take a break! Breathe! Eat something healthy! Keep hydrated! (I like lemonade because it tastes good and has electrolytes to help me!)

You can do this! You’re awesome!

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