Give yourself the love that you deserve and you will receive the love that you deserve

“Give yourself the love that you deserve and you will receive the love that you deserve.
Affirmation: I let go of old ways, old patterns and habits that no longer serve my highest power. I am worthy”

Like it or not, we resonate with people like us.

When we are hurt or damaged by past abuse, criticisms or trials, we feel more comfortable with people who seem to understand us. If we’ve been damaged so that our sense of self has been diminished or we have a hard time liking ourselves, we tend to cling to people who are like us or even who continue to hurt us, because we can be afraid of being rejected or abandoned.

When we heal, we can have compassion for others still hurting, but we don’t need to keep their drama or abuse in our inner circle. We feel comfortable letting them go. We aren’t trying to heal THEM in the hopes that if we show enough kindness that it will be reciprocated, and they will in turn help us to heal.

I’ve learned it doesn’t actually work out well that way! What works better?

We each need to heal ourselves, and incredible or impossible that may seem! Even though we may have been terribly hurt by others, they can’t help us heal!

The only person who truly has that power is each of us for ourselves!

How do you give yourself love if you don’t feel it and have no idea how to do it?

Start small, give yourself grace! Instead of saying negative things to yourself, flip the script and start to say kind things!

I found that telling myself positive affirmations was a powerful way to slowly re-train my brain to see myself in a positive light! I know this works! It takes time and repeated effort, but it’s worth it! You’re worth it!

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