…all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other!

After all this is over all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other!

As we’re cocooning in our homes, let’s remember that all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other!

This time is offering each of us many choices, whether we believe it in that thought this moment or not!

We have the choice to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, even angry, or we can choose to allow our faith in our higher power, the universe, the resiliency of the human spirit to become our source of comfort and inspiration.

Our inner dialogue affects our bodies, either positively or negatively.

If our inner dialogue is negative, we just won’t see solutions or opportunities for personal and community growth, because we dismiss everything which doesn’t resonate with our negative thoughts.

If our inner dialogue is positive, we understand that our self-isolation or quarantine is for a short period of time, and we train ourselves to look for the forward thinking people who are looking for ways to help people and all of our future growth.

If we’ve had our employment slashed or eliminated, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed not only with the loss of income, but with life as we’ve known. As with any loss, we need to take time to mourn the loss and to process it.

Every economic downturn has opportunities attached, and so many big businesses got started during such a time because they saw a new need created, which they could fulfill. Many businesses will get back up and get people employed again once this virus goes away.

This is a time to look inwards and to see how each of us can use this time to develop new opportunities in our lives. Do we need to get some training or certification to step into our new lives? This is a good time to get started, with so many online options available!

Here’s a website which lists 450 free online Ivy league courses!

When we see things positively, we allow ourselves to show our faith, our resiliency, our commitment to growth. When we see things positively, we are better able to treat our families and friends respectfully instead of letting out and venting our negative thoughts on others!

How we treat each other now is vitally important, both to our future selves and to our communities! Please get connected with online groups where people are kind, supportive and even inspirational!

For business people: this is an awesome Facebook group to connect with other business people who are current visionaries! They’re setting the tone for how our economic landscape will look! Rock Thomas just hosted an amazing summit, you can catch the replay here: Facebook Live.

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed, please do your best to speak kindly to yourself and to others! This will make a difference!

We’re going to get through this!

Sending out love!

PS: I’m not someone who has never experienced the dark underbelly of life, rather someone who has taught herself to overcome anxiety, depression, bankruptcy, chronic illness, being a low-income single parent, been in abusive relationships, and have refocused and rebuilt my life. I speak from experience. I know you can do this! I know you’re able to refocus and to rebuild!

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