Happy Friday everyone!

“A tree can be only as strong as the forest that surrounds it.” – Peter Wohleben

As we social distance, self-isolate and even deal with quarantine, let’s all have as wonderful of a weekend that our current situations allow!

Let’s get our rest and recharge! If you can get out in nature for a walk, that will do a world of good! If not, open your windows or balcony door and allow the fresh air to come inside, especially after a cold winter!

I’m pretty tired after my week, so I’m going to focus on resting, hopefully going for a walk, plus I’ll work on a painting. No shopping. No distractions I might normally do which would bring me around people. I’ll cook something healthy too!

I’ve been taking CBD capsules, and my Shingles outbreaks are healing very nicely. I still feel a lot of muscle fatigue, but it’s getting better. This weekend will be all about recharging my batteries!

Even as we rest, there’s many people who aren’t able to self-isolate or work at home, as they’re part of the essential services which keep everyone going. The obvious ones like our hard working medical professionals; the safety and security personnel; everyone in transportation keeping products coming into the stores; the food growers and the food producers, the factory packers, the grocery store workers, plus many others who are working unseen and unsung in such essential services like garbage, sewage, electrical, gas and gasoline, service stations, and many other I’m not aware of. Thank you! Thank you!

We’re being called to sit on our couches, we can do this!

In order to do this, we, as individuals need to take care of our health now, so the overall community can stay safe!

Let’s use this weekend to recharge ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Speaking of community, I urge people not to hoard!

Buy enough to last 3-4 weeks if necessary, but hoarding 6 months to 2 years supply is now causing some of our neediest and most vulnerable in our communities to do without.

**If you have hoarded and are feeling guilty, please donate to your local fire station, so they can help distribute it in your community to those who are in need.**

Have a peaceful weekend!


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