Shocking? Buddha was not a Buddhist. Jesus was not a Christian. They were teachers.

“Buddha was not a Buddhist.
Jesus was not a Christian.
Muhammad was not a Muslim.
They were teachers who taught LOVE.
LOVE was their religion.”

As shocking as this sounds to some people, religions were founded based on the teachers who taught them.

Scrape away the “icing and outward appearance” of these religions, they were founded on the principles of LOVE.

Loving each other, our families and ourselves is the foundation to good communities and balanced mental health.

Look at all the issues we’re seeing in our world, from not honoring our planet to treating one another with disrespect and hatred. All of these issues can be turned around if we each follow the basic teachings of our teachers: to love.

When we come from a place of love we help make the world better and we also help prevent many future tragedies from happening.

Disrespect and hatred have an incredible domino effect, causing other hurts and calamities to occur.

Alcoholism, addictions, abuse, violence… these are all end results of people being terribly hurt and then in turn hurting themselves or others.

Healthy people don’t hurt others; damaged people do.

We can’t change the world without changing ourselves first!

If we each take responsibility to focus on Love, we can work on healing our inner pains and mental health.

If we each take responsibility for ourselves to live a life based on love, we’ll connect with each other, and help each other to become strengthened.

When we come from a place of love, we lose the need to judge others for not being like us.

We come to TRUST in a Divine which loves us even more, who accepts us as we are right now.

All religious teachers know about a Divine who loves each of us deeply, cares for us deeply and who is working things out for our greater good!

Know that your life is important because you can have a wonderful impact in your community through the acts of love you show others!

Know that you are deeply loved!

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