XOXO I am enough, I love myself

What is your inner reaction when you say these words to yourself?

“I am enough, I love myself!”

Do you shudder? Do you stumble over the words? Are they difficult to speak?

Or do they make you smile as you say them tenderly and gently to yourself?

Not too long ago in my own life, I struggled to say those words to myself, yet I could easily say them to the people near and dear to me. I struggled with a very low sense of self, as many people do.

When we come from a past of abuse, bullying or criticism (or even all of them), our sense of self becomes very low, because part of our survival mechanism was to learn to keep a low profile to avoid more negative attacks from people.

Yet, as we begin to heal, our sense of self becomes stronger, we’re able to see ourselves more positively, and subsequently, the kind of people who used to speak negatively to us, no longer do, because our spirit signals to them that we’re no longer their victim.

These words may not be believed by your inner spirit at the moment, but as you work through your inner healing, you will become more and more comfortable with them. You will know you’ve come miles from your damage when speaking those words gently to yourself brings a soft smile to your face, and grimacing no longer happens!

Let your healing continue! May you have a wonderful journey!

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17 thoughts on “XOXO I am enough, I love myself

  1. Dear Tamara. I thank you for encouraging people to like themselves and be content. Many people hurt and are alone because they have not learned self acceptance and love. They don’t see their value.
    I recently read a quote that said comparison Robs joy. I think that’s true. Best wishes-David

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by David! I love getting compliments on posts! I agree with your observation that people are hurt and alone because of not learning self acceptance and love! So many of us have come out of different kinds of abuse in our lives which have stripped us of feeling self worth. I’ve learned we each have the power to heal and to place those values within our spirits! Self acceptance isn’t about comparing ourselves to others, and like you said, robs us of joy! Have a beautiful day!

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    1. I agree! Especially now when self doubt can be our worst enemy! Thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings to you and yours!!


  2. Wise word Tamara! When you start trying to love yourself, the best approach is to wake up every morning with the intent to show self-compassion. Even if you fail you can start again tomorrow.

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