Start having fun on the way!

You’re never going to get to any final place. And so, we want to remind you to relax and start having fun on the way. – Abraham Hicks

We live in such a goal oriented time, where we need to feel productive or be able to show great ability in order to justify doing something, that we can lose sight of doing something for the sheer enjoyment of it, and we feel guilty if we indulge ourselves.

This focus on an end result which is pleasing to others has become hardwired into our existence that is has also become a barrier to many people to try something which interests them.

What if those barriers didn’t matter?

The barriers matter if we believe they matter. If we put aside our barriers, which are really fear based, we may be able to give ourselves permission to step into a life which we really enjoy and which is rewarding!

You’ll never be as young again as you are now, so don’t put off doing the things you really want to do, waiting for a better time!

Our inner doubts stop us from doing many things. Those doubts tell us we probably don’t have any talent anyway, or people will laugh (or call us stupid), or why bother since it might all be a waste of money… are those doubts right?

Really, how will we ever know unless we try? What if we end up liking Yoga, or a cooking class inspires us to cook at home, or a watercolor class develops into a fun hobby, or singing in our car leads us to an open mic night, or taking carpentry workshops inspires us to build toys for kids?

What if?


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6 thoughts on “Start having fun on the way!

    1. Right?! Our workaholic mindsets prevent so many from enjoying their lives in the small yet to meaningful ways! I’ve spoken with people who are envious that I choose to do things I enjoy and when I encourage them to do the same I hear many excuses! Bottom line, many people use busyness as a buffer for their own fears of “failing” at something they’d love to do!

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