When we are ready to make changes in our life, we attract what we need to help us.

“When we are ready to make changes in our life, we attract what we need to help us.” – Louise Hay

When I was ready for change years ago, at first I was searching for something outside of myself to change, believing I was already doing everything I could to change my life, not yet realizing there were things inside of me which needed to change, not realizing that the damaged areas of my spirit were in fact telegraphing to people I was broken, making me a target for people to “fix” me in the image of who they thought I should be, yet doing further damage.

I felt frustrated that no matter what I did, I was constantly experiencing deep setbacks, struggles, and many barriers. I felt let down by God, that I was doing everything I knew how, yet my life was still a constant emotional struggle.

Years later, I was open to making a mental switch in how I saw the world, God and the universe. That was crucial to my life changing.

What changed?

I had been raised by my abuser to believe that I could do no right, that there was something wrong with me, that I was unworthy, so when I joined churches which taught that God blesses people he’s happy with and punishes those he’s not, I received much admonition from many members that I had done something to displease God to be stricken with chronic Shingles, to have a child who had chronic health issues, to be struggling financially, to have a husband who left me for another woman. All of that reinforced my negative feelings about myself, my role in the world, and any power I may have in changing my life.

I reached a point so low that I had come to believe that I didn’t deserve to walk on the earth or to breathe the air. I had made a plan to exit the world, but before I could put my plan into action, God and the universe intervened, steering me into a different life where I learned about a loving God and universe, instead of a punishing one.

The paradigm shift in my mind and in my heart was massive. I learned that I was damaged from my past and that I could heal, and deserved to.

I learned I was deeply loved and cherished, and so now when help was sent to me to change, I could see it truly was for me, and not just something which would cruelly disappear because I wasn’t worthy.

I learned that each of us is valuable, cherished, worthy and able to do what we need to do to heal from the abuses of our pasts, that we each have opportunities to create and re-create our lives.

Louise Hay is one of the teachers who’s quotes I kept being given to heal my spirit. Dr. Wayne Dyer is another teacher I learned deep lessons from quotes I read.

For me, quotes were more than just nice sounding sayings; they were my lifeline, my hope, how I learned to heal and to grow, so those have become an integral part of my books, both the ones in print and the new manuscript I have.

Here’s Louise Hay’s website to get quotes: https://www.louisehay.com/

Dr. Wayne Dyer: https://www.drwaynedyer.com/

Notes from the Universe: https://www.tut.com/Inspiration/nftu

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