Remind yourself that you did the best you could today

“At the end of the day, remind yourself that you did the best you could today, and that is good enough.”

Over-thinking, over-doing, work-a-holic, burn-out… these are some words which may have described many of us before the long pause.

Now things are different, many are working from home, juggling difficult relationships, home-schooling kids, stressing about a job loss or a shuttered business… there’s certainly a lot of things pushing up the anxiety, anger and depression levels.

It’s important to remind ourselves that there are limits to what we can physically, mentally and emotionally handle, so giving ourselves and others some slack is important.

The hardest part of running a long race (which is kind of what we’re doing right now), is hanging in until the finish line.

Once this is over, we’ll be able to get things back on track.

The superstars proclaimed that the long pause would be a great time to learn a new language or tackle re-organizing the whole house, or creating every DIY project you’ve pinned to Pinterest, but the reality of dealing with a myriad of emotional, financial, physical stresses actually means that all some folks have been able to do is to struggle to hold things together.

Does this mean that the folks who accomplished a whole checklist of things are better than the folks who struggled to just get through the day?

Not at all. Stress affects each of us differently. Fact. No shame.

My daughter and I have found ourselves reacting more emotionally to just commercials or TV shows than we did before, and we’re people who can use 2 Kleenexes for a commercial normally! This evening I found myself bawling over a scene in a sitcom.

All of our emotions are much closer to the surface now, so remember to be kind with yourself and the people around you!

Hang in! You can do this! Better tomorrows are coming!

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