Quiet your busy mind and listen to your inner voice.

Quiet your busy mind and listen to your inner voice.

How to quiet a busy mind which doesn’t wish to be quieted and which rebels by panicking or having an anxiety attack?

I had a hard time with that, and when I learned that God and the universe are based on love, and not on punishment, I could accept that I am loved and cared for.

This is a huge paradigm shift for many who come from churches or spiritual teaching which teach that we’re nothing, that we can never please a punishing God, that if we have difficulties in our lives it’s because we have committed a terrible sin and we’re being “corrected” or punished. I understand. I came out of that kind of teaching, which almost crushed me.

Learning that God and the universe are based on Love was a huge shift. I knew that before going into the church, but the people who were over me worked hard to teach me the latter, and played into the negative messages I had internalized from abuse.

When I relearned that message I found I could quiet my anxious mind, I wasn’t trying to overthink every situation to figure out where or when I’d mess up and incur God’s punishment.

So, this is a big truth I wish for everyone to absorb: You are loved, you are cherished. You can listen to the quiet inner voice, because that’s how God and the universe gently speaks to us! That quiet inner voice speaks to your best interest, it guides you where you need to be!

Be still and listen! The answers don’t always come immediately, but will come!

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