Finding the time to write…

An encouraging quote beautifully hand written in calligraphy script, and then collaged onto watercolor painted papers, some with natural elements such as flower petals and leaves embedded within. These are gorgeous pieces which will make stunning wall art or heartfelt notecards! #watercolors, #collage, #multimedia, #quotes, #inspirations, #handmadepapers
An encouraging quote beautifully hand written in calligraphy script, and then collaged onto watercolor painted papers, some with natural elements such as flower petals and leaves embedded within.

I had a very positive response to one of my posts: the gentleman commented saying he’d love to write, but can’t fit in the time.

Getting into the practice of writing can be a slow easing-in process.

I didn’t start out being a writer but became one. I started by carrying a small notebook around with me and jotting and adding to what I was writing in small increments. I found it helpful to write in small spurts because I could be thinking about my story and when I had a few minutes I’d write down the latest few sentences I had rolling around in my head.

By working incrementally I was able to build to longer stretches of time. Since I was getting used to thinking about the next few sentences and the next scene so to speak, when I did have a longer stretch of time it felt wonderful to write down and capture the new flow.

In replying to him I realized that his comment echoes what so many people feel, so I thought I would share my response to him here:

I understand how you feel with the time constraints! I’ve got grand-kids too… we all live together now! I don’t have personal space to do my art in the house, so I write. When I was first starting I needed to have the feel of writing by hand to feel connected to my words; now that I’ve gotten used to being in the writing flow, I write on the computer.

Of course it’s optimal to write after they go to bed, when I can focus more, but I’m still able to squeeze it into various moments of my day too! I work full time, come home and look after the kids, since my daughter works nights, so I do understand the time issue! If you feel you want to write, then do it!

We can’t wait until the perfect time comes, but instead we have to slowly build our creativity into our lives. As we get used to it, others around us will too, so that it becomes a natural part of everyone’s lives. Don’t worry about trying to write a set amount of words each day, since some days are more productive than others.

When I was writing How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level, there were sometimes days in between being able to write because I was processing something, and when I was ready, I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up!

These words are meant for everyone as encouragement, because I think this is an issue many of us have or have had! Start writing if you haven’t started! Go ahead! Enjoy! 🙂


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