Pay equity and asking for a reasonable salary

If you’re job seeking, this may be of help to boost you up!

This article from Yahoo has some great points for talking about salary in the interview process: I highly recommend the read!

I the past employers would ask “what is your current salary” or “what was your last salary” to be able to low-ball offers.

In the past, employers would typically just ask candidates for their current salary and base a new job offer on the number provided, maybe offering some small percentage more. Scholars and advocates for gender equality argue that this strategy perpetuates wage inequality. If a woman was paid unfairly at one employer, she would be anchored to that lower salary throughout her career.

I had the misfortune to have been paid unfairly low by a few employers, and I could never seem to get out of that cycle because the low salaries kept me anchored to future low offers. I needed to work so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, taking pitiful wages, even though my skills had vastly increased.

I didn’t have enough self confidence to learn how to communicate this, and my lack of self confidence was clear to employers who bullied me into taking a low salary.

It wasn’t until I got older and developed more confidence and a better sense of self that I felt okay about asserting myself, though I must admit, I probably still don’t negotiate as well as some people.

Thankfully some states are ruling that employers aren’t allowed to ask for past salaries, and the focus is now on what salary range is the job seeker looking for and does that match with what the company is willing to offer.

Times are changing thankfully which will help women, particularly women of color to achieve pay equity.

Perhaps the “Great Resignation” will bring in more positive changes in the workplace in 2022?

As the job interview experience changes, we need to learn new effective ways of communicating so that we can negotiate what we’re worth!

Here’s a couple of new talking points to make your own:

Job seekers can say something like, “It’s early in the interview process, and I’m still getting to know the role and doing my research, but if you’re trying to fit into a certain range, that would be helpful to know,” said Jordan Sale, founder of 81cents, a pay equity startup she started in 2018.

If the candidate has done research and has a sense of what the position should pay, Sale proposed, she could say: “Based on all the research I’ve done and conversations I’ve had, I’m thinking this role should probably pay $XX in terms of base salary plus bonus, equity and other benefits. I wonder if that lines up with what you’re thinking.”

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Please read the article I referenced above for more solid communication tips!

If you’re lacking self-confidence or feeling low self worth, here’s a few posts which speak to working on ourselves:

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