Find your soul tribe, Stay positive and Love yourself!

Stay positive
Forgive others
Invest in yourself
Trust your instincts
Lead with an open heart
Don’t let others ruin your day
Do things that bring you joy
Be of service to humanity
Find your soul tribe
Love yourself!

Finding your soul tribe… have you done this or are you surrounded by people you can’t relate to and who can’t relate to you?

A few years ago when I moved to St. Louis, I had spoken with a colleague at work, and I had mentioned that I was in the process of finding my soul tribe. She looked at me quizzically, and said “Good luck with that!”

A couple of years ago I had run into her at an event, and she asked me if I had managed to find my soul tribe. She seemed incredulous when I had answered a very happy “yes!”

When she asked me what that actually meant, I realized that for many people this may seem to be a foreign concept.

What is a Soul Tribe?

A soul tribe is a group of people or varied individuals (not necessarily connected with each other) with who we feel a lot in common, people who we don’t need to be explaining ourselves, our life choices or the activities and interests we choose.

Years ago I felt like a fish out of water. I was an artist, raised by an artist, so making art wasn’t a hobby, but something I NEEDED to do, as much as I need to breathe air.

I had very few people in my life who understood what it meant to BE an artist, so I received a lot of criticism for wasting my time on something which wasn’t earning me money.

In order to gain their acceptance I had tried to bend myself into what they would approve of, yet I never gained that, but lost pieces of my self-worth in the process.

When I heard about the concept of finding a soul tribe, it clicked in my mind, and explained why I wasn’t gaining the approval of the people who were in my life. I realized they weren’t part of my soul tribe, and no matter how hard I tried I’d never be happy with them, and they’d never “get” me!

Once I started seeking out relationships with people of like mind to me, I found the friction dropped out of my life, I felt happier and was more at peace!

When I made that simple shift in my life, all the other points in the above meme became attainable and do-able!

I encourage you to try this step if you find yourself hitting against walls which confine you and prevent you from becoming your best self!

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