Zero regrets, so much darkness, offer whatever light you can.

“Zero regrets, so much darkness, offer whatever light you can!”

Never regret offering kindness or positivity or help, even if the recipient doesn’t appreciate it!

Whatever you put out into the universe comes back multiplied… the gurus have said it, so have spiritual and religious teachers! It’s a law of the universe!

Given that, I prefer to put out positive thoughts, words and actions, for those multiply for me and for others. I prefer to offer the positive, even if the intended recipient refuses it, rejects it, or disrespects it. That’s their choice, they’re entitled to their own opinion or reaction, and will live with the results in their inner world. (Remember, some people are tied to their negative narratives of life.)

I learned that I don’t need to let another person’s reactions to my positivity affect my inner world, though it can be hard at times to get to a point where I feel at peace with it.

If someone reacts negatively to my positive output, I have choices:

  • I can be hurt – I can stay and try to get their approval
  • I can choose not to be hurt because I don’t need their approval, but I can stay in a relationship with them knowing who they are
  • I can choose not to be hurt, and choose not to be in a relationship with them

Over the years, as I have grown with my healing and developed self-worth, I have let some old relationships go. I let go of trying to have relationships with people who belittled me, who disrespected me, who couldn’t accept me but tried to change me into who they thought I should be, who were rude, who were abusive.

I learned I no longer needed to keep them in my life, because the negativity they brought into my spirit wasn’t worth the suffering I went through, and as my self-worth increased, I learned they really didn’t value me!

Instead, I choose to have people who bring joy, happiness, peace, positivity into my life, and who appreciate what I bring into the relationships!

We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change the part of the world we reside in!

Never regret offering positivity, for the people who welcome it belong in your world, while the people who disrespect it or belittle it, probably don’t!

Light not only changes darkness into light, but it sets boundaries where light ends and darkness begins! Interesting right?!

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