Helping ourselves to ensure that living inside of our head is a nice place to be…

“You live most of your life inside your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to be.”

Breathe, we’re going to get through this.

Fear and anxiety are by far the strongest emotions people everywhere are grappling with right now. Understandable, considering the circumstances and all the negative, fear inducing messages in the media and being shared on social media.

Fear is by far the biggest challenge most of us will face right now. I’m not minimizing the very real struggles with health, finances, family relationships, mental health etc. that many are facing right now. Those are very real. However, fear has made everyone’s life much more difficult because of the reactions of some people to it.

Be gentle with yourself. Say kind words to yourself.

We need to find and focus on the positives right now. There are many. For example:

  • Most people will recover.
  • Most people will only experience mild symptoms and can continue to stay home.
  • There’s many people and organizations mobilizing in massive and meaningful ways to help us get through this time. We need to raise our hands (by calling Help numbers) if we need help.

Why is Covid-19 creating much more immediate fear in us than other illnesses? Part of the fear is due to the media sensationalizing the illness instead of taking a more comforting approach, and this has triggered off our collective Amygdala responses.

Once the Amygdala gets triggered, we see panic reactions in more anxiety prone individuals such as panic shopping and hoarding. When those images started getting shared on social media, this triggered the same type of responses in more people, resulting in fear being spread faster than the illness.

Breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

Our fears can be calmed. We can do this! We’re going to get through this!

If your fears are feeling overwhelming, please reach out to positive people, to Help lines, to your therapist, to get help.

Go for a walk outside if you’re able to. Open your windows to allow fresh air inside. Sit on your outside space if you have one. Breathe the air deeply. Slowly in and out.

Let’s focus on the positive! If this is a new way to respond to your Amygdala trying to get the best of you, start by breathing!

Think about temporarily not watching the news continuously. Think about temporarily blocking the negative flow into your Inbox and feed. (You’re not being irresponsible or insensitive to do the issues, but rather you’re taking charge of your inner world.)

Instead, follow the positive messaging you find. Try to fill your digital and inner space with positive sources, to help you refocus your mind!

Pray prayers of thankfulness, God, the angels, the whole universe knows our needs and are collectively working things out. Meditate if you will, on positive outcomes. Hold fast to your faith. Dig deeper into your Holy books for positive messaging. Speak kindly, to yourself and to the people around you!

Here’s a few links to find positive messaging:

Louise Hay

The Universe talks:

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Abraham Hicks

Eckhart Tolle

We’re going to get through this! We’re going to re-establish our economies. We’re going to be stronger than we were before. We can do this!

Please share your links to positive messaging sites!

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